BaliFokus involvement in the preparation and organizing of B3CU Feb 19th, 2017

After a small meeting in Bread Basket Bali, Sanur Nov 29th 2016 with Rahyang Nusantara (Diet Kantong Plastik), Melati Wijsen (Bye Bye Plastic Bags), Marc-Antoine Dunais (Plastic Detox), and Anita Arif (BaliFokus), Melati contacted Anita on Dec 28, asking whether Anita or one from BaliFokus can join a meeting on Dec 30 to discuss about a big-massif beach clean-up in Feb 2017. After asked BaliFokus leader and management, Anita said she would join the meeting.

The whole chronology is:

Friday, 30 Des 2016 (Kick-off The Biggest Bali's Beach Clean-up Feb 19th 2017)

WHAT > The biggest Bali Beach Clean-up Event ~ February 19th 2017 ~ in the spirit of Valentine's Day & Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional #SatuPulauSatuSuara #OneIslandOneVoice

WHERE : Rumah Melati, Pantai Seseh, Canggu, Badung.

WHO :Leoni Lube, Dave (TranshHero), Chieko Frank (Beach Clean-up Canggu Community), Dwi Septi (EcoBali), x(Avani), Anita (BaliFokus), Melati, Isabel, Jasmine, Scotia, William Voverb, Elvira (BBPB)

WHEN > we decided on February 19 a Sunday; TIME > all day; WHERE > all around the coast line of Bali.

Discussed that we need many sub committees to make this work and keep the time line of 7 Weeks

1. A team of 5 persons, supervised by an adult that works on the budget & funding, we had several ideas: people, businesses can adopt 00 m of beach, send proposal to businesses. NEXT meeting everybody should bring 5 contacts

2. A team 5 max that works on PR & media a first flyer draft has been done and will be send to you in a separate email, this team will work with all media and publication of this event

3. A team of 7 to 8 persons who help with communication, all the emails to send and follow up for partners & other NGO, sponsors, shops, restaurants and hotels, government, kepala desa and bupati.

4. A team of 7 to 8 persons on logistics & keeping timeline. This team will work on how to get all connected for the event and day it-selves. Get the trash picked up, what we do with it after, make a road map timing of the timeline of 7 weeks.

Thursday, 5 Jan 2017 (New Year Greeting & One Island One Voice Organizing)



Every body liked it and agreed on

- there will be a flyer available in 2 languages

- one in Bahasa only

- one for english only

available if PDF file

As for printing we will use a 4 in one language and the larger one in two languages

Communication team will be now able to start using this


we need to define and fine tune

- which categories of trash will be collected

- what the trash will go to after the clean up

(f.e. eco bali , DKP, bank sampah)


We looked at the contacts we have and at the coastline of Bali . And basically have defined the following areas and support ...clock wise. A map will be shared with the areas soon on Monday

1. Uluwatu ....Clean Uluwatu (need to be confirmed NTC)

2. Kuta ....Cocal Cola and Quick silver (contcats from Faisal/ need to be contacted )

3. Seminyak ...need tofind contact

4. Canggu ...Need to be a renewed Canggu / trasheroes with help pf Alani and ?

5. Batu Bolang, perrernan, Cemagi, till tanah lot Bye Bye Plastic bags

6. Tabanan , Enviro pallets will advise on contacts

7. Balian , Jelena will advsie on some contcat through the surf community & friends

8. Gilmanuk ?

9 Pemutaran & Menjanagan

10. Puri jati

Matahari resort

11. Mandara school

12. Amed

13. Padang Bai

14. Candi Dasa .. trash heroes

15 Klung Kung Area

Komnun Beach Resort Contaxt from Jelana

Ashram contcat BBPB

16. Sanur Trashheroes, Bali Budha , Bali Focus, Malu Dong

17. Nusa Dua ..ROLE Fondation BBPB


happy to have had a kick off here


a separate email will be created so everybody can use this . We will share this on Monday .

- Melati

- Felicity

- Faisal for Kuta & Tabanan

- Daniel for all their contacts

- Jerome for Sanur

- Indigo (schools)

- Inca (schools)

- Scotia


- Melati

- Will

- Jasmine


- Dwi for trash pick up eco bali


Friday, 6 Jan 2017 (Skype BF Coordination Meeting)

BaliFokus will ask The Body Shop and others who care about environment to join the Beach Clean-Up event. And Anita will attend the weekly meeting, with Nengah.

Monday, 9 Jan 2017 (1st Weekly Meeting of One Island One Voice Organizing Team)

Monday, 16 Jan 2017 (2st Weekly Meeting of OneIslandOneVoice Organizing Team)

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 (3st Weekly Meeting of OneIslandOneVoice Organizing Team)

Monday, 30 Jan 2017 (4st Weekly Meeting of OneIslandOneVoice Organizing Team)

Monday, 6 Feb 2017 (5st Weekly Meeting of OneIslandOneVoice Organizing Team)

(Just involved by emails and fb messangers)

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2017 (1st Sanur OIOV Team Weekly Meeting)

Minutes of meeting :

Monday, 13 Feb 2017 (5st Weekly Meeting of OneIslandOneVoice Organizing Team)

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017 (12nd Sanur OIOV Team Weekly Meeting)

Minutes of Meeting:

Website of this event is

The Latest Updated Information from Communication:

Thank you for signing up to participate in the One Island One Voice beach clean up tomorrow. This will be the biggest beach clean-up Bali has ever seen with over 40 location points and thousands of participants spread across all of Bali's regions. Together, we will make Bali's beaches clean and beautiful again!

BaliFokus will participate in the Location of Pantai Semawang, start at 4 pm, and end at Pantai Mertasari at 6 pm, today, February 19th, 2017.


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