Ina-BAN Meeting in Jakarta 24 Agustus 2016

Chatting and Discussion about Asbestos start at 11:36:30, the conversation flowing and can be crystallized in some points, as follow:

  1. Readiness "asbestos removal" Indonesian version for this time.

  2. SNI around asbestos.

  3. The pilot program in one city.

  4. Structure and Infra-structure of Ina-BAN.

  5. Anita’s plan to meet Prof. Domyung Paek in SNU.

  6. Sustainable Program.

  7. Policy Advocacy.

  8. Targets Achievement.

  9. Publishing a three-monthly or bi-monthly newsletter of Ina-BAN.

  10. Substitution Materials.

  11. Asbestos Life Cycle, related to exposure to the poison.

  12. On the Production Raw Materials So Asbestos Adan. Asbestos management and prohibitions in some countries.

  13. Management of Asbestos and prohibitions in Some Countries.

  14. Corrupt Academics

  15. History of Asbestos in Australia.

  16. Differences Asbestos Safety Standards.

  17. Preview Danger Asbestos Particles.

  18. Building Awareness Action, Facing Fears.

  19. Import Facility Condition Asbestos in Indonesia

  20. Stakeholders in Government Institutions Asbestos-related issue.

  21. Risk Level Potential Asbestos Related DISEASED.

  22. Reduction Exposure to Toxic Asbestos Particles with Painting.

  23. Year 2020: Demographic Bonus or explosion Epidemic Asbestos Related Disease?

  24. Road-Map of Handling and Banning Asbestos in ASEAN countries.

  25. The meeting of APHEDA in Australia, in 2016.

  26. Road-Map of Ban Asbestos in Indonesia.

  27. Public awareness for the efforts of Ban Asbestos in Indonesia.

  28. Mapping asbestos industry.

  29. Related to Asbestos Victim.

  30. Proposed Pilot Project.

  31. Yuyun’s Email: plan related to the collaboration between the activities of LiP and asbestos.

  32. Updating Data Asbestos Problem.

  33. Transportation's Asbestos Victims.

  34. Data Issues Exporting Countries, Origin Asbestos.

  35. Road-Map Ban Asbestos in Indonesia, ever shared on WAG.

  36. Research (Final Assignment) of a Student.

  37. Plan of Inaban Workshop.

  38. Plan of Regional Meeting: SEA-BAN Regional Meeting.

39. APHEDA’s Fund

40. BF is expected to share knowledge and measures campaign.

Discussions ended at 16:46:30

Follow-up Plan:

  1. Yuyun can donate traded wix account for a year Ina-BAN website. Furthermore, there should someone be in charge of managing the website. Anita and Tio might be co-managing the website in coordination with LION and others.

  2. Create a report of the study in 2016 with the agreed content and the content of each chapter is filled by anyone’s writing. This report will be compiled with and we will publish it the end of 2016. The fund is later could be asked to IBAS (Int'l Ban Asbestos Secretariat) /Laurie.

  3. For asbestos victims, we need funds to pay for proper medical examination. We need fundraising as for ASGM children or seek sponsorship of drug/ pharmaceutical CSR or what? Should be considered.

  4. To plan a collaboration between the activities of LiP and asbestos, we should test first, try the painting with water-based solaguard paint and enamel-based decorative lead-free paints at BF Office. Anita can be helped by Krishna and Nengah to do the experiment with scrap materials that exist around the office (could be tried in front of the office or the neighboring huts).

  5. The next meeting will be held in Bandung, mid-September 2016.

  6. Sonia will contact APHEDA.

~ the End ~


MoM was compiled and documented by Anita and Sonia, with additional comments of Yuyun and Tio.

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