LANDFILL (or DUMPSITE ?) Suwung for Regional Sarbagita, Bali

Ownership and Location:

Landfill (TPA) Suwung area for waste disposal service of Sarbagita (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Tabanan) region is the property of the Provincial Government of Bali, under the Forest Service. This location is part of the mangrove forests included in the administrative area of Denpasar City. Thus, the legal status of the landfill site seems a kind of problem.

Solid Waste Management Agencies:

  1. Provincial Waste Management Unit of Public Works Agency;

  2. Municipal Cleanliness and Landscaping Agency of Denpasar City (DKP Kota Denpasar);

  3. Private Sector, PT. NOEI (Navigat Organic Energy Indonesia).

Land area:

There is some information about the area of the Landfill Suwung. It is 22 ha (source: Putu Rusdi Irawan, Fac. of Engineering, Udayana University); Total area is 32.48 Ha (source: DKP Denpasar); Total area is 38 Ha (source: and, Total area is 40 ha (source:,

Capacity of Solid Waste Acceptance:

The volume of waste in the landfill Suwung in 2011 was 1,151,341 m3 (source: Bins were accommodated at this location increased by 4% each year, and rated current is over capacity, because the hump reaches 15 meters. (Source:

Garbage receiving capacity of Landfill Suwung, by design is 2500 m3/day, but in fact the incoming garbage is 3,000 m3/day, equivalent to 975,000 kg/day = 975 tons/day (source: Landfill Suwung is designed to manage waste a maximum of 800 tons /day (source:

According to Dewa Oka Adisaputra, Head of Waste Division of DKP Denpasar City, Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, the number of incoming waste has reached 3,500 m3/day, not including the organic waste (leaves and trash of street trees) from the private sector, Electricity Agency (PLN), DKP, etc. All the garbages are transported by truck (6 ~ 7 m3) and pick-up carry (a kind of mini-truck), with levies of Rp 3,500 per truck and Rp 2500 for each carry.

Electrical Energy Production PT. NOEI in landfill Suwung:

The Head of DKP Denpasar City, Wisada Ketut said that the cooperation with PT. NOEI has been made since 2004 in the management of waste in the Landfill Suwung. PT. NOEI given 6 hectares land area of of the 38 hectares of Landfill Suwung. (Source:

PT Navigat Organic Energy Indonesia (NOEI) in cooperation with Sarbagita Local Governments to generate electricity. In one of the clauses of the cooperation, NOEI was promising to supply 10 MW of electrical energy, but the version of the provincial government of Bali, it is generating just 0.7 MW of electricity. (Source:, February 12th, 2016).

Ir. Sudirman, GM. PT. PLN Bali describes cooperation worth 30 million USD, which promised PT. NOEI will generate electricity from waste: per Oct 1st, 2008 began with a 2 MW, then by June 1st, 2009 increased to 4 MW, and July 1st, 2010 to 9.6 MW. (Source:, December 29, 2009).

PT. NOEI using advanced machine made in England, has been worked on the project since 2005 in 10 Ha land (

Generator Operator PT. NOEI, Sunday, April 3rd, 2016:

There are 2 generators, each by dimension of 5m x 3m x 2m with a 20-cylinders, can produce up to 1 MWh of electricity, are used interchangeably. Production of the last few months only 100 KWh. And the last 2 weeks of production is not at all because there is no waste that still contains methane gas. From Tabanan regency there are usually three garbage trucks per day. Surely there are maintenance costs of the generators, among others oil.

Dewa (the Head of Waste Division) and Agung (the staff) DKP Denpasar City, Sunday, April 3rd, 2016:

PT. NOEI unofficially take methane gas from garbage in area of UPT (Provincial Waste Management Unit of Public Works Agency) and from garbage in area of DKP Denpasar City with connecting pipes into the garbage of these both institutions. Yet it was stopped on the orders of the leaders of both these institutions. DKP stopped it since six months ago, following the UPT recently. Since then PT. NOEI not produce electricity at all.

Kab. Giayar has not brought garbage into PT. NOEI area anymore, Denpasar also will stop its cooperation with it. From Kab. Tabanan, waste that goes to PT. NOEI only 2 trucks per day (1 truck = 6 ~ 7 M3). I hear the four regions will terminate the contract of 20-year cooperation with PT. NOEI which started since 2004. And, if that happens, PT. NOEI will be demanding compensation of 25 billion rupiah.

Methane Gas Production by DKP Denpasar in landfill Suwung:

Since November 2015 DKP Denpasar has been producing methane gas for the purposes of the kitchen stove of local people for free. In the first phase, at a cost of 97 million, in the form of installations, catching and processing of methane, pipes and 10 stoves. 1 stove placed in the office of DKP as a model/demo, and 9 stoves distributed and connected to the interested residents in Sanggaran Village. Target in the year 2016, DKP will add 50 points stoves, the installation is still grants/free, but it is possible the next years, there will be charged for the pipes and stoves. Its time distribution are 4:30 to 8:00 am and 14:30 to 20.00 pm.

According to Mr. Dewa, if every family in the city would sort out the garbage in the house, it would be better to produce higher quality methane gas. It is possible for groups in neighborhoods to do segregation, then the organic waste could be changed into methane gas and/or compost, and and non-organic garbage could be sent to garbage bank or recycled for crafts. The community could cooperate with some district controlled dumpsite (TPST-3R), one of them is in the Village of Kesiman Kertalangu. So we do not need to finance the high cost of transporting waste to Landfill Suwung •

(Visiting informations, Sunday 3rd April 2016 plus some sources of e-media)

Denpasar, Monday 4th, April 2016

Anita Syafitri Arif

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