World Toilet Summit 2013

Solo, October 2nd 2013 – Currently, searching the neat and toilet cleanliness is a problem when people are traveling and being outdoors. Not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world, awareness of public facilities is very small, very few countries that provide excellent public services so called TOILET. Awareness of the need for such facilities are not there yet, even though we all know mobillities and tourists increases. Toilet cleaner into a marketing tool and competition among business travelers, hospitals, airports, etc. With environmental damage certainly better toilets in rural and urban areas is very important to prevent the disease.

Figure 1 and 2: some photos for toilets and sanitation equipment on display in the exhibition event.

(Photo Credit: Dewa Alit Setiarsa)

World Toilet Summit was held in commemoration of world toilet day set by the UN every 19th of November. In the event the World Toilet Summit 2013, which took place at the Sunan Hotel in Solo – Central Java, Balifokus which is represented by Mr. Dewa Alit Setiarsa participate in this event as an invitation. World Toilet Summit is scheduled from 1st – October until October 4th, 2013 was officially opened on October 2nd, 2013 by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia Mr. Mari Elka Pangestu and Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ir. Djoko Kirmanto.

Figure 3 and 4: Photos during presentation of toilet and problems of sanitary.

(Photo Credit: Dewa Alit Setiarsa)

One interesting agenda of the World Toilet Summit 2013 with the theme Clean, Care and Enjoy is an exhibition about toilets and other sanitation facilities support followed by government agencies and private companies. Another important agenda in the form of discussions and presentations related to toilets and sanitation, followed by speakers both locally and internationally.

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