Supervision on DEWATS-CBS 2013 in East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi Province and Sumbawa Regency, We

Sumbawa, December 20th 2013 – Balifokus conduct project supervision activities of DEWATS – CBS in 2013 as a series of physical infrastructure implementation sanitation facilities and waste water treatment (WWTP) of DEWATS-CBS program at East Luwu, South Sulawesi and Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara. DEWATS-CBS 2013 program in the East Luwu has been done first on the date of December 6th, 2013 at 3 locations namely: RT. I Dusun Cerekang Desa Manurung, RT.III Dusun Lumbewe Kecamatan Burau, dan RT.III Dusun Londoe Desa Lakawali. DEWATS-CBS 2013 program in Sumbawa Regency conducted from 16th to 20th December 2013 in the six locations namely: Dusun Mapin Beru Desa Mapin Beru Kecamatan Alas Barat, Dusun Panua Desa Juran Alas Kecamatan Alas, Dusun Brang Bru Desa Jotang Kecamatan Empang, Desa Brang Bara Kecamatan Sumbawa, Dusun Berang Rea Desa Berang Rea Kecamatan Moyo Hulu, dan Dusun Labuhan ijuk Tengah Desa Labuhan Ijuk Kecamatan Moyo Hilir.

Figure 1: The situation on site of Public Toilet at Dusun Londoe, Desa Lakawali, East Luwu.

(Photo Credit: Christoper NYL)

Figure 2: The situation on site of Public Toilet at Dusun Lumbebwe, Kec. Burau, East Luwu.

(Photo Credit: Christoper NYL)

Supervision activity is done to control the work of the worker / builder so that facilities can be made in accordance with the work plan. DEWATS-CBS program in East Luwu’s in 3 locations, based on reports and observations of the physical building, the progress of development has been completed about 90% and DEWATS-CBS program in Sumbawa available in 6 locations, progress has completed construction of approximately 95%. From the results of supervision has been done by the technical team Balifokus, found a few things that should be corrected as: there are some parts of the building that have not been in the paint, tap water that has not been installed, the condition of the pipe is still open transverse, and less control tub lid tightly so that water the rain may enter into pipelines that later can be linterfere DEWATS system itself.

Figure 3: The situation on site of WWTP facility at Dusun Berang Rea, Distric of Sumbawa.

(Photo Credit: Dwi Ariantara)

Figure 4: The situation on site of Public Toilet at Kelurahan Brang Bara, Distric of Sumbawa.

(Photo Credit: Dwi Ariantara)

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