Rehabilitation on DEWATS-CBS in Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province

Sumbawa, December 23th 2013 – Balifokus conduct rehabilitation activities of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) facilities of the SANIMAS programs that have been done in the year 2008 to 2011 especially in the Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara province. From recommendations of the AKSANSI secretariat, necessary rehabilitation of WWTP facilities and Public Toilets that have been built. There are 6 locations in rahabilitation namely: 1.) KSM Buin Selak, Dusun Boal Atas, RT 02 / RW 01, Desa Boal, Kec. Empang, 2.) KSM Kargu Bangkit, Dusun Jorok Luar, RT 02 / RW 10, Desa Jorok, Kec. Utan, 3.) KSM Surya Bakti Lingkungan Surya Bhakti, RT 03 / RW 08, Kelurahan Pekat, 4.) KSM Tampar Balong, Dusun Empan, Desa Labuhan Badas, Kecamatan Labuhan Badas, 5.) KSM Telang Rawar, Dusun Praya, RT 01 / RW 07, Desa Kalimangu, Kecamatan Alas, dan 6.) KSM Tunas Muda, Lingkungan Perate, Kelurahan Samapuin, Distric of Sumbawa Besar.

Figure 1: The situation on site at the Public Toilet of CBO Tampar Balong, Dusun Empan.

(Photo Credit: Dwi Ariantara)

Figure 2: The situation on site at the WWTP facility of CBO Tunas Muda, Lingkungan Perate, Kelurahan Samapuin, Distric of Sumbawa. (Photo Credit: Dwi Ariantara)

The rehabilitation process is done around 10 days, starting from december 14th 2013 until december 24th 2013. Repair work is carried out as follows: the process of painting a manhole lid and public toilets building, repair toilets plastering walls and tub controls, installation of water taps and lights, as well as the sevices of the water pump. With rehabilitation is expected WWTP and toilet facilities that have been built can be used by people around with as it should. There is a very major thing to note is the role of the community to maintain the condition of the WWTP and Public toilets, so that continuity of SANIMAS program can be maintained.

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