The Preliminary Guide On New Mercury Treaty IPEN-BaliFokus

"The Preliminary Guide On New Mercury Treaty" is a document that contains information to understand the content and value of the Mercury Treaty text, Minamata Convention on Mercury. Mercury Treaty was signed on October 10, 2013 by government representatives of 140 countries in Kumamoto, Japan. This agreement became the new treaty agreed upon the world community after more than 10 years with no new environmental agreements. This mercury treaty regulates the trade and circulation of mercury, restriction and elimination of the use of mercury in products and industrial processes, the management of mercury in Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining/ASGM, emission control of mercury into the air, water and soil, mercury containing waste and mercury storage stocks, mercury contaminated land rehabilitation, as well as the National implementation Plan, the Sectoral National Action Plan and other activities that support the implementation of the mercury treaty.

Download the full document here (in Bahasa).

You can also visit this link for further information

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