Rehabilitation on DEWATS-CBS (IPAL SANIMAS) in Tabanan regency, Bali province

Denpasar, September 10th 2013 – After rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) SANIMAS programs in Denpasar was done in July of 2013 ago, Balifokus doing rehabilitation activities again at the WWTP installations was conducted in the city of Tabanan. This activity is carried out in accordance with one’s vision and mission of Balifokus namely sustainability, where Balifokus trying to maintain the sustainability of the WWTP facilities of the SANIMAS programs that have been done in the year 2007 – 2011 especially in the province of Bali. From recommendations of the AKSANSI secretariat and the results of site surveys WWTP in Tabanan regency previously conducted by the technical team of Balifokus, find there are some parts of the WWTP facilities are in poor condition. In the Tabanan area there are 6 points / locations do need repairs and rehabilitation are: CBO Indah Lestari in the village of Kampung Kodok Dauh Peken, CBO Eka Adnyana in Br. Mall Kangin – Dajan Peken village, KSM Kosala Asri in Br. Tegal Baleran – Dauh Peken village, KSM Setia Darma Asri in Br. Kamasan – Dajan Peken village, and KSM Taman Lestari in the village of Abian Tuwung – Kediri, Tabanan.

Figure 1 and 2: Situation during Rehabilitation at the KSM Indah Lestari, lingkungan Kampung Kodok, Dauh Peken – kabupaten Tabanan. (Photo Credit: Nengah Darma)

Figure 3 and 4: Situation during fixing manhole and control tanks at the KSM Setia Darma Asri, Tegal Baleran – Tabanan. (Photo Credit: Nengah Darma)

Rehabilitation process of the SANIMAS WWTP at Tabanan city began on 10 September 2013 at KSM Indah Lestari, an 2007 SANIMAS project in the environment of Tunggal Sari, Kampung Kodok neighborhood, Dauh Peken village, Tabanan regency. Rehabilitation work activities such as checking the damage and blockage of the main channel, rust and dirt cleanup, repair list and close the control tanks, as well as painting a manhole cover and pipe – pipe installation. Rehabilitation continued at 5 other locations until September 14, 2013.

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