Socialization of Solid Waste Management in Household Level (BaliFokus and Public Health (IKM) Studen

Denpasar, May 5th 2013 – BaliFokus was invited by Public Health Student (IKM), Udayana University as a speaker regarding solid waste management in household level. The event was held as part of the IKM field course (PBL) in community level. The objective is to increase community`s knowledge of Banjar Pembungan regarding simple solid waste treatment in household level.

Figure 1 & 2 Situation during socialization of solid waste management in household level. (Photo Credit: Tri Wahyudi)

In the big city like Denpasar, garbage/trash/solid waste, whatever the terms are, can be a serious problem if it is not properly handling. Households as the first source where the waste being produced are expected to manage their waste before it will expose to the environment. BaliFokus as one of the local environmental NGOs in collaboration with the Public Health student tried to raising awareness within community level and intended to persuade community to reduce, reuse and recycle (3Rs concept) their waste. Represented by Tri Wahyudi, BaliFokus socialized about waste starting from upstream, middle stream and downstream management, and the added-value of waste if they are well-treated, which is money incentive by promoting creative products. The enthusiasm was shown by the participants who mainly coming from housewives and teenagers. They were showing their deep concern about their neighborhood.

Figure 3 & 4 Situation during people`s practical involvement to produce creative products and composting (Photo Credit: Public Health (IKM) Student, Udayana University)

The activities were started by giving presentation as the theoretical basis and then, continued asking people of Banjar Pembungan to practically involve in composting by using Takakura Home Method Technique and producing creative products at that time, using plastic bottles PET for instance.

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