The Socialization of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Household Level at Dalung Sub- District

Badung, April 18th 2013 – To realize the Badung Clean, Green and Blooming through Solid Waste Management maintained by Community-based Organization, the Cleanliness and Garden Affairs Agency (DKP) Badung regency conducted Socialization and Training for community solid waste management in Badung regency. The socialization activities started on April – September 2013 periodically as scheduled in every sub-regencies in Badung.

The first socialization performed on April 18, 2013 in the office of political district administered by Village Chief of Dalung Customary Village, North Kuta Sub-regency. The Socialization activities attended by several community`s representatives of Dalung Customary Village. BaliFokus represented by Dewa Alit Setiarsa invited as a resource person to present solid waste management from household level. The presentation contented of the typical of solid waste generated from household, its treatment, composting process in household, and recycled-products to the participants. The enthusiastic showed by the participants as they asked couple questions, suggestions and criticisms to the source person and he representative of the DKP Badung.

Figure 1 Situation during of Socialization of Solid Waste Management in Household Level at the Office of Village Chief of Dalung Customary Village – Badung Regency. (Photo Credit: Putu Sinda)

In the socialization process, the people quite understood about the cleanliness of their environment. Some important points of issue in this activity were that the waste is a collective responsibility amongst government, producers and consumers/society. Through socialization, it was expected that the community of Dalung Customary Village are able to actively involved in waste management, from the smallest neighborhood, specifically households.

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