Stakeholders Forum Bali Province 2013

Denpasar, 9 March 2013 – SKPD (Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah)/Stakeholders Forum is an umbrella to accommodate the needs amongst development stakeholders to discuss the development program priorities in the provincial level according to the Musrenbang (Development Planning Conference) in city/regency level and program proposals of the SKPD in city/regency level, and provincial level as well. This forum was conducted during 6-8 March 2013 to encompasses community aspirations and business sectors, and also to obtain any inputs, critics, suggestions in order to improve and focus the working planning (Renja) of SKPD in all prioritized program/activities. The elements involved in the Forum SKPD were all SKPD of Bali Province, all House of Representatives (DPRD) of Bali Province, all Bappeda in each city/regency of Bali Province, Bali Governor`s Expert Staffs, Development`s Expert Groups, Universities, related vertical institutions, Community Social Organizations, NGOs.

Objective of the Forum SKPD Bali Province was to synergize SKPD`s program and activities in provincial level together with the program proposal and activities as the result of Musrenbang in each city/regency. The forum is also meant to sharpen the indicator, and program and activities performance target of SKPD province according to the job and function of SKPD. In addition, synergizing program and activities within cross-provincial SKPD in order to optimize the objective achievements based on the regional authorization to implements their prioritized development agenda adjusted with the indicative financial budget for each provincial SKPD. Output of the forum was the RKPD planning as the temporal agreement of SKPD prioritized program and cross-provincial SKPD year 2014.

Figure 1, 2, & 3: Situation during Focus Group Discussion inside the Meeting Room Pucuk amongst SKPD of each city/regency represented by BLH Province, UPT Persampahan, Experts, Universities, BALIFOKUS, WALHI, PPLH Bali, etc. in the Bappeda Province Bali Building

Figure 4 & 5: Situation during the briefing and explanation from Head of Bappeda Province Bali regarding the priority of Program Planning (RKPD) 2014.

The fundamental elements of RKPD 2014 are (1) People Prosperity Improvement, consists of: (i) human resources development, (ii) poverty and unemployment reduction, (iii) inter-region development dissemination, and (iv) other people prosperity improvement; (2) Regional Economic Stabilization consist of: (i) local competitiveness improvement, (ii) local economic stabilization improvement, and (iii) encouraging economic growth inclusively; (3) Social Politic Stabilization consists of: (i) improvement of bureaucracy performance and corruption eradication; and (ii) consolidation of law enforcement, defense, and general election 2014.

The regional priorities in 2014 are: (1) infrastructure zone; (2) poverty and unemployment eradication; (3) education; (4) health; (5) cultural, tourism and economic creative; (6) farming and food stabilization; (7) investment, small industries, cooperatives and UMKM; (8) bureaucracy reformation; (9) environment, lay-out and disaster overcome; and (10) tranquility, orderliness and safety.

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