Coordination Meeting BALIFOKUS – AKSANSI

Denpasar, February 25th 2013 – A prospective coordination meeting has been held in BALIFOKUS office between Director of BALIFOKUS, Tri Wahyudi Purnomo and AKSANSI Secretariat, Prasetyastuti Puspowardoyo on Monday, 25 February 2013. Purpose of the meeting was to synergize several activities amongst BNN, in this case is BALIFOKUS as the project executioner in term of waste water infrastructure projects, and AKSANSI as the group of CBO`s alliance who dealing with sustainable and development post project implementation through BNN (BALIFOKUS, BEST, LPTP).

Result of the meeting was initial strong commitment has agreed in which AKSANSI will assist BALIFOKUS to conduct monitoring and evaluation for SANIMAS project 2009-2011 in Bali, NTB, and South Sulawesi Provinces. It was first planned that AKSANSI will doing MonEv activity for 40 plants starting on April 2013 for approximately 3 weeks (or 21 days working). AKSANSI will also producing result/recommendation/laboratory result analysis and other necessary reports to do further rehabilitation for major/primary selected plants after being evaluated. AKSANSI secretariat will organize AKSANSI locals to do this activity and

BALIFOKUS has shared ideas that this activity can be an additional strong entry point to get attention from governments to allocate funding for the existence of AKSANSI in each level. BALIFOKUS illustrated that this upcoming mutual cooperation would be prospective to persuade governments to allocate additional funding to rehabilitate some plants according to the data result given by BALIFOKUS-AKSANSI later on. BALIFOKUS likely initiate the process, and then AKSANSI follows up. This cooperation will also strengthen AKSANSI position in locals because multi-stakeholders mutual cooperation has initiated.

The first draft of BoQ has also produced and offered by AKSANSI secretariat. This BoQ is negotiable depending on the budget availability and will be finalized after together with a cooperation contract. On March 2013, this BoQ and contract shall be agreed by both parties.

Figure 1: Situation during discussion between Director of BALIFOKUS and AKSANSI Secretariat.

(Photo Credit: Putu Sinda)

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