SANIMAS Site Visit and Monitoring; BALIFOKUS Team with students from Environmental Engineering of Ba

Denpasar, January 21st 2013 – BALIFOKUS conducted site visit and monitoring activities to facilitate students from environmental engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology for preliminary survey to get a macro observation about SANIMAS implementation in Denpasar city since it was built on 2003 as BALIFOKUS pilot project, and later on expanded as a national program on 2006 until 2009. The survey will be considered as one of the optional topics which they are selecting to fulfill final assignment.

The site visit and monitoring which conducted for two days on January 15th and 18th 2013 were also to monitor the sustainability of WWTP and its CBO management as well. The first day on January 15th 2013, BALIFOKUS team and the students visited some SANIMAS locations in Denpasar, eg: SANIMAS I Denpasar city, CBO Mekarsari Jaya Selatan; CSC (MCK Plus ++) Jempiring; SANIMAS II Denpasar city; and SANIMAS 2008 Denpasar city. In addition, data has also been collected from CBO management regarding the sustainability of operational and maintenance WWTP, and the system as well. At that time, the WWTP conditions generally in good condition but some notes given to the operator which was about cleanliness and fluency of piping system. Whereas in CSC Jempiring, there were found situations more about cleanliness of CSC and from 12 chambers, only two were opened and used, others were not functioned.

Figure 1: Site visit to CSC Jempiring (left-right: wife's of the operator and students).

(Photo Credit: Christophorus NYL)

On the second day, January 18th 2013, visitation addressed to location SANIMAS 2005 and 2007 Denpasar city. The first location visited was SANIMAS 2005 in Lingkungan Segina Asri, Banjar Pekandelan, Desa Pemecutan Kelod, West Denpasar subdistrict. Beside observing WWTP, and operational and maintenance data, the students were also getting information about AKSANSI (Asosiasi KSM Sanitasi Indonesia) because Mr. Andi Maryono as the Head of AKSANSI Bali province was there. The students were informed about activities conducted by CBOs managements after construction of WWTP. The second location visited was SANIMAS 2007 Denpasar city where situated in the middle of Monang-maning residence.

Figure 2: Interview with Mr. Andi Maryono as CBO management and Head of AKSANSI Bali province (left-right: students and Mr. Andi Maryono). (Photo Credit: Christophorus NYL)

Result of the visitation, the students were able to get the big picture of SANIMAS in Denpasar particularly, and Bali in general. The advantage of BALIFOKUS team was that they were able to getting information about the recently obstacles and possible planning to select locations where need to be maintain its sustainability. Operator as the key person of the SANIMAS operational and maintenance in some locations were no longer well-functioned, some no operator exists, and last but not least was complains from the operator whom saying that their wage is not enough compared to what they are doing, and they were expressing also that possibly they will no longer become an operator if the wage is still stay the same.

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