DEWATS – SME Survey at 2 Pig Livestocks in Badung Regency

Denpasar, January 11th 2013 – Official of Environmental Agency of Badung regency was asking BALIFOKUS technical team to conduct survey for handling waste generated from pigs and cows excreta in two livestock situated in Tegal Darmasaba village, Abian Semal subdistrict, Badung regency. During the survey, team was facilitated by Mr. Nyoman Sukendra from Forum Pemuda Peduli Lingkungan Tegal Darmasaba village who showing where the locations are.

Preliminary survey conducted to observe the capacity, condition and land readiness to build the installation later on. From the survey, information been collected that Mr. Made Laste and Mr. Wayan Sirje who have these two livestock but basically the animals are meant to be slaughtered. These two guys have enough land to be installed. Number of pigs breed around 8-10, estimated pig dung produced approximately 60 liters/day/pig. This data then will be considers as input for design and budget estimation.

Figure 1 & 2: Pig livestock condition belongs to Mr. Made Laste. (Photo Credit: Made Dwi Ariantara)

Figure 3 & 4: Pig livestock condition belongs to Mr. Wayan Sirje. (Photo Credit: Made Dwi Ariantara)

As the follow up of this survey, BALIFOKUS team will preparing technical proposal contains of design and budget estimation to build WWTP connected with Biodigester for those two livestock. The proposal will be addressed to Environmental Agency of Badung regency to be reviewed.

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