Training for Community Independent Groups of Community-Based Sanitation Program in West Nusa Tenggar

Seven community independent groups (Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat/KSM) of community-based sanitation program in Sumbawa and West Sumbawa Regency took the training from BALIFOKUS. The training was held on September 22-23, 2012 and attended by the community group organizers and the field facilitators of each area. KSM Sampurna Abadi, KSM Saling Beme, KSM Bukit Sehati, KSM Sopo Rasate, KSM Sariri, KSM Ponpes Al-Manar, and KSM Lestari were the main participants from two regencies West Nusa Tenggara Province.The training was intense and was given through a range of practical and theoretical sessions about the community group internal management, such as financial management issue.

The first day of the training, several materials delivered such as the overview on community group organizing, the role and of the community independent group by the senior field facilitator, and the module of general DEWATS system.

BALIFOKUS presented the practice of the financial management for the community.

The presentation of institutional management practice was delivered on the last day of the training. BALIFOKUS presented specifically the need of the Development and Management Committee to be established within the community-based sanitation program. The background of the committee establishment includes several reasons to help the community in managing and coordinating all the activities, to build the participation and community empowerment, and serves as a sustainable development scheme. The committee is consist of three divisions (the divisions of contribution, labor recruitment, and logistic) to do certain tasks. The division of contribution is to assist the exchequer on collecting fund from the community members, to operate and conduct the maintenance of the installation plant, to monitor the contribution/retribution of community member’s record, and to submit the funds to the exchequer. The division of labor recruitment in general is to coordinate the local labors during the construction, as well as the division of logistic is to manage the materials of the construction. Those of three divisions are the lines of the Development Committee.

BALIFOKUS and all the training participants from seven community independent groups of West Nusa Tenggara area.

While on the Program Management Committee, there are also three divisions to be formed such as the division of contribution, operation and maintenance/operator, and health campaign. This stage was emphasized on the training activity with several tasks more or less similar as the Development Committee’s tasks description. Some additional on health campaign tasks brought in which to organize the campaign activity and to monitor the environmental efforts in program area. The Development Committee was expected to be formed in each area for carrying out the duties so that the program could be run in a sustainable way.

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