The Socialization of Community Based Sanitation Program 2012 in West Nusa Tenggara

The alternative solution of sanitation problem for urban poor was delivered by BALIFOKUS as one of the main issues on the socialization activity in Sumbawa and West Sumbawa, two regencies in West Nusa Tenggara, and directly presented to the community members and local government at several locations. Six days in row of socialization was carried out at Public Works Department’s office (West Sumbawa) and some villages both in West Sumbawa and Sumbawa Regency (Rempe Loka, Brang Bulu, Tebo, Batu Lanteh, Batu Rhee, Usar Mapin, and Baru Village).

BALIFOKUS delivered some topics related to the socialization activity such as Community Based Sanitation Program is aimed to improve the public sanitation condition for particularly populous, slum, and poor community in urban area through its community-based approach. The other significant one is to motivate community-based sanitation facility as an alternative sanitation technology for local government at city or regency level. The program principles also presented as the characteristic details of the program are as follows: Demand Responsive Approach/DRA, multi-fund sources, participative approach, Informed Choice Catalogue, and community capacity building. The steps of program implementation consist of several phases, preceded by the program preparation, the area/location selection, selection by the community, community action plan, constructions (facility/installation) and capacity building, and evaluation.

The socialization was conducted in Sumbawa Regency, Usar Mapin Village, and attended by the members of community.

Each socialization then followed by the Rapid Participatory Appraisal which it is a quick method to achieve a mapping on the condition of the community-based sanitation where all the members of community participate in the process.

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