The Preparation of Sanur Green Map Requires a Collaborative Community Effort

BALIFOKUS attended the meeting on Green Map preparation for Sanur Village which organized by Eco Sanur, a collective movement by various communities and organizations whose the objective is to implement concrete actions for a better Sanur area, held on June 19, 2012 at Werdhapura Sanur Hotel, Denpasar. The meeting is attended by the stakeholders who have been involving in efforts to improve environment’s quality in Sanur included Sanur community leaders and youth community, the academics from Planology Engineering Department of Hindu Indonesia University (UNHI) Denpasar, the local NGOs, and other parties.

The participants from various parties discussed the meeting’s subject related to the preparation of Sanur Green Map

The meeting is divided into four sessions covered the presentation about the Sanur Bike Map progress, the introduction of Green Map, the discussion of the Sanur Green Map preparation (mainly presented the consensus on the Bike Green map training) and the follow-up plan related to fundraising and training. On the discussion, there were information delivered to the attendees basically about the application of the Green Map system is aimed to promote sustainability and citizen action through locally created maps of the natural and cultural environment. The Green Map will also be used as a media that gives information about the condition of an area to its reader, in the other words it is a manufacture or labeling system map (usually with icons) to identify areas or phenomena that have the potential of natural resources and culture. Regarding to the preparation of Green Map for Sanur area, its realization will need supports from the local volunteers by some efforts. The Planology Department of UNHI has experiences to conduct internal activities of Green Map as academic subject and they appreciated the preparation of Sanur Green Map has been conducted and supported by the local community and other parties who have been willing to actualize the local Green Map.

Sanur Bike Map will be the early step to eventually be used as a significance variable line of the Green map initiation. The bicycle tracks in Sanur area as specified on the local Green map draft will include several sites like mangrove forest, Integrated Solid Waste Facility (recycling/composting site at Depo Palasari Sanur), the small villages, food spots and beaches in Sanur area. BALIFOKUS will specifically assist the improvement of recycling/composting site with the stakeholder who in charge to manage the site. By stimulating and encouraging the proper efforts among the local entity, the materialization of an ideal format for Sanur Green Map will be useful in the future as an instrument to control and protect the environment.

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