Sustainable Performance Management for Local Integrated Solid Waste Facility

Depo Palasari is a self-management practice of local Integrated Solid Waste Facility (ISWF) run by community located in Sanur, Denpasar. The facility which owned by Sanur Kauh Village community is established for the need on solid waste handling or treatment at local level. It applies solid waste segregation system to organic and non-organic which the composting method is utilized to handle the organic waste.

Regarding to the preparation of Sanur Green Map which Depo Palasari will be included on the map as Sanur ‘green zone’. BALIFOKUS has been contributing to improve the quality performance of the facility to be properly managed. There are several issues which need to be concerned such as the improvement of its composting process, the enhancement of its waste management system, and other parts in the facility to build an optimal management to meet the properness on the Green Map criteria.

Depo Palasari Sanur has been selected as the ‘green zone’ for the preparation of Sanur Green Map

Depo Palasari Sanur has significance role at local area as the main facility which provides the waste handling services and drives the environmental awareness to the community. The various waste used to dispose at final dumpsite before ISWF Depo Palasari is established, there were some reviews following about the need of local ISWF at that time to manage the waste from hotels, households, and others. In a wider scope, the major aim of the presence of the facility is to urge the waste management action in a sustainable way among local community.

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