Training on Solid Waste Treatment 2012 Bali Clean and Green Program

BALIFOKUS delivered training material about solid waste management and treatment regarding to Training on Solid Waste Treatment activity organized by Dinas Kebersihan dan Pertamanan (Badung) on April 18, 2012 in Denpasar. The activity was held within a few days provided the information and training on solid waste issues in general. The participants were communities in Badung area (the representatives mostly from the community empowerment institutions managed by local government). The local government will start adapting a certain system of solid waste handling and develop programs related to environmentally management.

BALIFOKUS presented specifically a description of suitable application of Takakura Home Method which is a method of composting organic waste usually from household kitchens and markets using cheap materials that are portable and useful inside homes. At a wider scope, this kind of method is actually a recycled waste management and composting technology by involving the society. Takakura Home Method was designed in a simple way and the kits have been applied to several areas or cities in Indonesia.

Figure 1: Dewa Alit, Program Manager of BALIFOKUS, presented an overview of waste management to the participants

BALIFOKUS also presented a simulation of plastic waste treatment in particular to recycle the plastic material from food product’s packaging. This session showed how to create profitable plastic crafts which could be applied by women community. The basic technique of making the crafts is using sewing machine to stitch the plastic material into craft stuff such as school bags, purses, mobile phone cases, and others.

Figure 2: The participants discussed the making of recycled plastic crafts

The community participation is directed in this government’s environmentally management program. Thus the communities organize themselves and become involved to improve the conditions of daily life. This involves actions like storing waste in a proper way, separate recyclable or organic materials from other waste and other appropriate measures that integrate with the waste handling. Special attention should be paid to the sustainability of community participation as a key factor for the success of waste management program.

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