BREES Youth Award for Sustainable Development Winners Visit to Sanitation Projects in Denpasar, Bali

A team from BREES Youth Award for Sustainable Development (UNESCO’s program) visited two sanitation projects, DEWATS SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and DEWATS CBS (Community-Based Sanitation) which both are located in Ubung, Denpasar. Forty children between 12 and 17 joined the visit were have won small grants to start projects on composting/recycling/clean energy in and around Cibodas Biosphere Reserve, West Java. This visit aimed at introducing the team with samples of BALIFOKUS’s existed projects and as well as familiarizing on the various sanitation practices by communities.

During the half-day visit, the children interacted with the member of communities who run the projects at tofu industry in the morning and MCK Plus Jempiring in the afternoon. Both projects displayed sanitation infrastructures in a more integrated and sustainable way. They held discussions with the member of communities on progress made and challenges experienced. The owner of tofu industry added the illustration of the advantages from DEWATS application for his business mainly in keeping the products stay clean and biogas from its sewage treatment could save on fuel for their daily needs (e.g. for cooking and tofu’s processing).

Figure 1: The children discussed the tofu’s processing with the owner

Figure 2: The children observed DEWATS CBS installation at MCK Plus Jempiring in

Ubung Denpasar

Overall the children learning to understand about the best-practices of sanitation projects in Denpasar and to explore the items which support the projects at technically level and its strategies to run a sustainable way for the communities.

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