BORDA – Partner Evaluation and Planning Workshop 2012

The workshop was held on January 11-13, 2011 and attended by BORDA partner’s staffs in Indonesia. It was divided into several sessions primarily the discussions on project progress delivered by the partners. BALIFOKUS delivered program achievements gained during the past year and other issues such as DEWATS CBS program planning for 30 areas and some constraints remain on DEWATS SME, DESWAM, KIPRAH programs due to strategic approach to the communities is still being carried out, as well as the implementation of HIA program.

A discussion on the specific issues toward the programs implementation in Bali Province viewed a series of problems encountered in local areas. The budget and land issues at local level frequently occur as one of subjects on technical aspects. At the socio-cultural level, the awareness to waste self-manage has been rising among the communities which composting is the foremost activity of the domestic waste treatments. However, the following problem often appears as noted previously on construction sites. This kind of barrier may effected by budget and land tangent to allocations from the local government. Moreover the local policy in terms of local government needs to comply on their obligation and contribution to provide waste management service in a residential area with more than 1000 people (wastes transportation service to landfill).

The optimization of the KIPRAH program in particular does need to be concerned with various strategies that may be supporting program implementation, mainly the community assistance that had been overlooked by the government. While the development of temporary dumpsites more advanced without coherent impacts for enhancement of waste treatment and management in general. Furthermore, the transform of information regarding to 3R concept and its advantages to the public and the establishment of cooperation with various communities will also stimulate or promote the appropriate waste management to be applied in a sustainable way.

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