ASM Conference on Environmental, Socio-economic, and Health Impacts of Artisanal and Small Scale Min

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) plays an important economic role in many developing countries. Small-scale mining can be extremely environmentally damaging and often has serious health and safety consequences for workers and surrounding communities. The international conference on environmental, socio-economic, and health impacts of ASM which will be conducted in Malang in Feb 7-8, 2012 provide opportunity for scientists, policy makers and mining industries to get together and exchange experience in the ASM sector.

The ASM conference is organized by Research Centre for Management of Degraded and Mining Lands, as research collaboration between Brawijaya University (Indonesia), Mataram University (Indonesia), Massey University (New Zealand) and Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (P.R. China) in attempting to create opportunities in ASM areas.

The objectives of the ASM conference is to share recent research trend, experiences and research work among scientists, industry, community, and policy makers; and discuss direction of collaborative research in management of ASM as well as to strengthen the relationship among scientists, industry, community, and policy makers.

The conference offer participants to have a field trip to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara to visit one of the ASGM sites in West Lombok, to discuss views, exchange knowledge, and establishing research collaboration in management of ASGM to draw support from the industrial, government and NGO sectors.

The ASGM Workshop will be conducted in the conjunction with this field trip. Beside involving the leading scientists speakers of the ASM Conference, this ASGM Workshop will be the first forum in Indonesia which conven all the related ASGM stakeholders from 17 cities/regencies from 7 provinces, small-scale gold mining actors/miners, NGOs and private sector. In this workshop participants will exchange ideas and experiences on various aspects of social, technical, environment and policy related to sustainable ASGM practices.


- Report (English/Bahasa)

- Opening Remarks by Yuyun Ismawati (English/Bahasa)

- Opening Remarks by Dra. Halimah Syafrul, MS (Bahasa)

- Overview on ASGM in Indonesia by Dra. Halimah Syafrul, MS (English)

- Global Issue of Mercury in ASGM by Richard Gutierrez (English)

- SubRegion Java Presentation by Dra. Halimah Syafrul, MS (Bahasa)

- SubRegion Sulawesi Presentation by Wilianita Selviana (Bahasa)

- Introduction to The Technical Session by Bayu Susila (English)

- Mercury Reduction Technique by Sumali Agrawal (Bahasa)

- Direct Smelting Techniques by Haji T. Rehani (English/Bahasa)

- Mercury-Free Technique–Borax Method by Richard Gutierrez (English)

- Phytoremediation Techniques by Christopher Anderson (English)

- Health Aspect in ASGM by Prof. Rachmadhi Purwana (English)

- Borax Method Project Results BanToxics by Leoncio Naoy (English/Bahasa)

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