The Fundamental Environmental Issues as Significant Information for Campus Community

Basic Training for Student Community of Udayana University on Waste Issues

BALIFOKUS delivered several primary waste issues and information at basic training activity which organized by Faculty of Medicine (Udayana University) on October 15, 2011. Along with other key person from the Denpasar Environmental Agency, BALIFOKUS presented mainly about the view of KIPRAH Program for Komunitas Mahasiswa Peduli Lingkungan (KMPL) which runs as one of the student communities focusing on the environmental issues.

The students from different courses (Faculty of Medicine) attended the training and were enthusiastically took part the activities held until noon. The training activity held some sessions in which the students could also interactively raised various questions about the presentation material delivered by the key persons. The Denpasar Environmental Agency shared information on climate change issue which is currently being experienced globally. While BALIFOKUS presented more detailed information on waste problem and KIPRAH Program as one of the options to attempt application of (solid) waste treatment and currently has been applied to support communities in managing their waste independently.

Figure: Dewa Alit Setiarsa, BALIFOKUS Program Manager, delivering a presentation to the audience

The illustration of this community-based waste management delivered by Dewa Alit Setiarsa, BALIFOKUS Program Manager, began with an explanation on the definition of waste term itself. It continued then on the condition of waste problem and its management that is currently being implemented. The participants became to find out the waste problem in most cases such as the population growth fueled the growth in waste generation, less integration of the municipal waste management systems, the lack of infrastructures and logistics, and ultimately produce waste accumulation in landfills. At the end the presentation pointed the KIPRAH Program comprehensively on its definition, goals, and principles.

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