DEWATS Monitoring and Evaluation (Jembrana, Bali)

BALIFOKUS carried out the monitoring and evaluation activity of DEWATS (communal) and sludge sampling as well in Jembrana Bali on September 2011.

The activity implemented in Loloan Barat village where the community group (KSM Mega Mendung Lestari) running the DEWATS technology in support of their environmental condition. On its processing capacity is designed for 210 people required some technical examinations, for instance to the condition of piping system, wastewater treatment plant components as well as the monitoring component of the social aspect of members participation.

The observation result for the piping system required some improvements and recommendations given to the operator who is responsible for maintaining on the treatment plant system. The cleaning activity for control chamber and grease traps feasible routinely performed (once a week) and maintenance of manholes to avoid damage in order to remain open during the monitoring carried out. This sort of improvement was also applicable to the wastewater treatment plant for the maintenance subject. Recommendation provided the monitoring team was cleaning out the rubbish and insects from downflow pipe and the chambers at least once a month or every two weeks.

On the observation of sludge sampling obtained the result on the sludge surface profile. The color appearance of the water was sufficiently clear although scum slightly seen in the chambers. The average height of sludge in between 20-50 cm therefore the desludging must be carried out in order not to disrupt the stabilization process of settler chamber and the desludging process should be taken if the sediment is over 60 cm.

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