The Collaborative Program of Action towards Denpasar Clean and Green

The environmental awareness and action program is currently promoted in urban areas collaboratively took various parties to realize a program, “Berlian” (Berbudaya, Lestari, Indah, dan Nyaman) in Denpasar Bali.

BALIFOKUS attended the meeting on socialization of Denpasar Clean and Green (DCG) program and would be recognized by the name “Berlian” program as noted previously. The acronym of program title refers to Bersih (clean), Lestari (sustainable), Indah (beautiful), and Nyaman (comfortable). The realization of “Berlian” will be directly related to the local government program as a strategy towards Bali Green and Clean Province program. The “Berlian” program activity will also be one manifestation of the participation and collaboration action among all levels from the community and government to jointly support accomplishment of the objectives on program at the provincial level.

The meeting was held on September 24, 2011 delivered several program missions which as follows to develop a clean and healthy living, to improve the welfare of community members by managing the wastes, to encourage the knowledge, skills, mindset and behavior in managing wastes for communities, to educate the youth to concern about the environment, to encourage community participation in waste management independently, to build the networking and cooperation with various parties, and to develop 3R movement as well. This strategic plan submitted by the Chairman of DCG board, A. A. Rai Swastika, which also described the various activities derived from the basic missions. The Head of the Department of Landscaping and Sanitation (Denpasar) on occasion also socialized the new policy on the changes in municipal waste transport schedule would be started at 7 PM to 7 AM.

As noted previously, this collaborative program will carry out activities by embracing government and non-governmental parties in each area in Denpasar. Twenty villages in Denpasar area will simultaneously carry out this program. One of community groups (KSM Asri Karya) which is assisted of BALIFOKUS taking part in this program as adviser in DCG management. The results to be expected of this program after all include the number of community members who are aware and concerned to the environment issues as well as the proper waste management among the community will increase, the plastic consumption will decrease, waste disposal to temporary dump site and landfill could decrease, the number of community members who have economic and environmental benefits will increase, so the banjar, rivers, beaches, mangrove forests, and other public areas will avoid the littered-waste.

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