Monitoring Evaluation Meeting (KSM 2006 – 2009)

The monitoring evaluation meeting of SANIMAS community groups (KSM) was held on August 18, 2011 in Jakarta. The national monitoring team comprising several parties in which up to this date collaborate and carry out the task to monitor and evaluate SANIMAS projects in Indonesia.

he meeting discussed the weight determination for assessment, the results of the assessment recapitulation, and the selection of the best SANIMAS implementation (2006 – 2009) in Indonesia. BORDA partners, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and the National Development Planning Agency who were integrated in national monitoring team examined these basic points. The weight determination for assessment based on the type SANIMAS applied in each area (MCK++, communal sewerage system, SANIMAS for ‘pesantren’ or boarding school, and SANIMAS for tofu industry). The results of the assessment recapitulation covered appraisal of 137 community groups (KSM) in 24 provinces in Indonesia.

The spread of the number of KSM in each province evaluated on three main aspects on which the sustainability and performance of the groups. Technical, financial, and institutional aspects are basically as a measure to observe SANIMAS practice. The methods of valuation by specifying the ranking in each province with reference to the questionnaire total score in regard to the three aspects as noted previously. The presence of KSM in each province does not amount to equal one another. Most areas have more than five KSM made the determining the rankings were not similar for areas whose have less than five KSM. Even though the monitoring team should determine the top three in each province, exemption also applied to the area whose have many KSM by choosing the best to five ranking.

The monitoring team certainly met certain constraints on carried out of observing and evaluating. It also made the final assessment of each province to be relatively different caused by the scores by the regional monitoring team could be applied in a loose or strict in the scoring. The meeting eventually discussed in this regard that giving the trophy to the KSM will be conducted and organized in each province. The other session was concerning national gatherings of KSM SANIMAS that will be planned on October 2011.

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