Health Impact Assessment of SLBM 2011 (Jembrana, Bali)

BALIFOKUS carried out the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of Community Based Sanitation Program on August 1, 2011 in Jembrana Bali.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a measuring instrument to analyze the health impact of SANIMAS/CBS-DEWATS. It is also one of types of social data whose can be used to measure the health aspects and other variables to observe the rate of success in program implementation. The result of HIA will provide information to the stakeholders in order to maximize positive impacts and on the contrary to minimize the negative impacts itself. The baseline is necessary required to obtain the preliminary data as the first step.

HIA according to the program implementation standard is performed before and after the implementation of wastewater treatment construction. The questionnaires distributed to the members of community group of KSM Lestari located in Baler Bale Agung village, Jembrana. The result of HIA baseline interview set in certain aspects are used as indicators to assess the health impact around the area.

The representation of the health condition is referring to some cases are as follows, the place for defecation, the most frequent sanitation-related diseases among children below five years during the last year, the use of soap among children above primary school age, the quality of clean water from main source, the condition of sewerage around the house and neighbourhood, the privacy of women while defecating and taking bath, the expenses for medical treatment due to sanitation-related diseases, the influence of medical expenses due to sanitation-related diseases on household income, the training in bookkeeping or construction and employment status in this field, the participation in local government’s development planning in the community, social activities taking place in SANIMAS area, and the general cleanliness of community.

All these indicators served as the basis of both on assessment and evaluation among the community in the village. The result itself represented a various views such as most of the children in the area regularly threatened by certain diseases that warrant concern (diarrhea, malaria, dengue fever, and skin irritation/-diseases). The diseases case on children in line with the influence of medical expenses occurred at very high costs level and successively caused household financially strongly weakened. On the other situation the respondents signified the quality of clean water from the main source is always good despite of the condition of the sewerage around the house and neighbourhood indicated the efforts still needed to be kept clean.

HIA will be held further after the facility in operation for one year to determine the impacts of the program. The result from both data will be compared and analyzed to perceive the impacts representation of SANIMAS/CBS-DEWATS program on community.

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