SANIMAS 2006 -2009 Monitoring (West Sulawesi)

BALIFOKUS joined on a monitoring team of the Department of Public Works (Directorate of Development and Environmental Settlements) in the framework of AKSANSI gatherings at national level on September 2011. The activity aimed to observe and determined the candidates subsequently of SANIMAS 2006 – 2009 in West Sulawesi.

The activity was held on July 25-28, 2011 with the visit of the monitoring team to SANIMAS 2006 – 2009 in Mamuju and Majene. The five community groups visited by the team were KSM Annur, KSM Bahagia Bersama, KSM Bukit Timur, KSM Harapan Bersama dan KSM Siamasei. The purpose of the monitoring was to select the two best of the community groups based on the assessment of technical, institutional and financial management aspects.

The assessment results in general are shown based on the total score from a number of questions about the three aspects as noted previously. The technical aspect assessed by the infrastructure condition physically in the sources of waste (bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc.), the wastewater treatment plant, and the impact on environmental hygiene. The institutional aspects covered the KSM committee structure, duties and responsibilities of the committee, KSM regular meeting with users, and KSM participation. While the financial aspect by the subscriptions, the monthly financial reports, and KSM bank account.

The monitoring finally selected two community groups with the highest score as follows KSM Siamasei (Majene) for its MCK Plus and KSM Bukit Timur (Majene) for its wastewater treatment.

Figure 1 & 2: KSM Siamasei Majene as one of the candidates in which the result of assessment indicated proper score sufficiently for its MCK Plus facility

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