Socialization of Social SOP for Community-Based Sanitation Program

The socialization of Social SOP for Community-Based Sanitation was held on April 29, 2011 at BALIFOKUS office as one of internal activities aimed to disseminate information to BORDA partners on the new Social SOP 2011 which has had a modification in 2011. The participants were Senior Community Facilitators (Makassar, West Nusa Tenggara and Bali) of SANIMAS Program, the Program Manager and the engineers of BALIFOKUS.

The objective of the newest formed of this Social SOP is as a guide for people working in community-based sanitation sector. The entire process of the program is described both in general and in detail to provide a broad overview as well as detailed information or each stage in the program activities. Besides it would be used as a useful guide, it also serves as a monitoring tool to observe every activity in achieving proper performance effectively and efficiently.

Figure: The socialization of Social SOP brought to the participants at BALIFOKUS office

The social aspect is one of important elements to the program in addition the technical approaches. The diversity of local conditions and the growing number of program implementations in various regions in Indonesia led to the varied application and method depending on the condition in cultural, social, and economic aspects in each region. The SOP is expected to become the standard for the implementation of community-based sanitation program in Indonesia. Each stage in the program activities should be run to be able to deliver optimum results while creating the program sustainable.

The Social SOP in particular aimed a DEWATS-CBS project from the planning stages to the implementation of the program. There are five substantial steps which is as an outline in the Social SOP discussion. First step is to develop SANIMAS facilitation capacity, community selection, community action plan (CAP), SANIMAS project implementation, and SANIMAS project monitoring and evaluation. The new Social SOP implemented starting in 2011.

The SOP is created to more convenient and understandable and could effectively define the matters related to program in the field. There was too a relatively minor changes such as points for RPA (Rapid Participatory Assesment) which are given a note about unnecessary need for the RPA at an such area that will be the implementation of the program is determined by the government. This note is dedicated to the government program which it is SANIMAS DAK. Related to this government program, its existence is also a challenge because the one from the government has different implementation stages of activities due to the government also has authority to make decisions for the partners (on the stage of monitoring is done by the government not by the partners). The other additional content of the Social SOP is a document of examples of the programs that have been running in Indonesia.

The Social SOP which consists of 900 pages was designed by BORDA team and to subsequently disseminated to the both social and technical practitioners of the program.

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