Small Working Group (SWG) and Community Group Consolidation on KIPRAH Program

Small Working Group of KIPRAH Program held on June 13, 2011 at BORDA office (Yogyakarta) and attended by representatives from BORDA partners as well as the facilitator from Yogyakarta area. The meeting delivered on reporting of the MRFs (Material Recovery Facility) progress from different areas. BALIFOKUS together with other BORDA partners (BEST Tangerang & Surabaya and LPTP) discussed about the progress of the program especially the existed MRFs in this year.

BEST Tangerang reported about the five of existed MRFs in 2010 in Tangerang area included the emerging constraints in each MRF project. The representative also reported some locations which still potential to exist for running the program besides the other locations that still dealing with some problems. As with the BEST’s report, LPTP had also delivered some progress report of the one MRF in 2010 as well as with some considerations of the technical problems within the program. In 2011, LPTP reported the three potential locations for MRF projects. BALIFOKUS could not participated to share reporting on MRF project in Bali in consideration of the program recently has been managed by the new CDE. At the last session, the meeting delivered the information about the budget allocation for each project (there are 31 projects will be allocated to the start-up funds).

On June 14 – 15, 2011, the series of the meeting on KIPRAH Program is conducted at Cakra Kusuma Hotel (Yogyakarta) and discussed about Community Group Consolidation (Konsolidasi KSM). The two days meeting delivered some sessions which discussed the progress of the program in general. On first day, the representatives from eight community groups presented the existed projects on specific description of the respective internal performance in running the program. They mainly highlighted on MRF capacity in each area, the treatment of handling the waste, community participation, and also the handling on residues that are still meeting some problems. In particular, the community group under the assistance BALIFOKUS represented by the leader of KSM Asri Karya, Ketut Teji, who also delivered the information about the existing program in Denpasar, Bali.

The participants also informed by some overview related to the program which carried out several substantial points to the standard of the appropriate waste management. So at another points that had delivered to the participants regarding to the impact of national development associated with the CDM. On the next day, the keynote speaker from BORDA, Surur Wahyudi, delivered several point of views that need to be considered by each community group, such as maintenance the technical side within the program and socialization should be continuously performed to the members of community. Discussion session among the participants and practitioners/specialists then closed the last day meeting.

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