Feasibility Study of SLBM Program in Bone, South Sulawesi

Feasibility Study (FS) implemented on April 14, 2011 by BALIFOKUS technical officer in Bone (South Sulawesi) which is a study that carried out prior to the formalized draft budget of detail engineering design. The FS aims to compile the data on feasibility of a location to eventually be run for the implementation of the program.

SLBM Program or Community-based Sanitation in Bone (South Sulawesi) is the second one since 2010 where the local government has carried out the program. In 2011, the local government provided allocated budget for three locations, each project will receive 254 million (IDR) for the establishment. BALIFOKUS compiled the data from the three locations. There are Kelurahan Masumpu (Kecamatan Tanette Riattang), Pondok Pesantren Modern Biru (Kecamatan Tanette Riattang Barat), and Lingkungan Waetuo (Kecamatan Tanette Riattang Timur).

The FS result then brought selected technologies in Kelurahan Masumpu and Pondok Pesantren Modern Biru for the MCK Plus technology (non-biodigester construction) and Lingkungan Waetuo for the MCK Plus++ technology.

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