Waste Management Exhibition (Art Center Bali, May 25 – 26, 2011)

Waste Management Exhibition organized by the Environmental Agency of Bali Province at Art Center Bali on May 25 – 26, 2011 once with other events such as workshop on waste management and competitions of scientific works on environmental issues for students (elementary school to at university level). The exhibition attended by participants from governmental institutions, NGOs, and other private sectors in Bali which displayed the respective programs.

BALIFOKUS participated on presenting its programs that have been existed with regard to sanitation issues. Other institutions more or less in the same line to introduce the programs therefore would give various references on waste management to the public. BALIFOKUS had the opportunity to demonstrate waste handling on organic waste to become compost, especially on practicing the Takakura method in household level. The application of this method is very representative with its simple techniques which is applicable to reduce and recycle the organic waste.

Figure: Indra Putri, BALIFOKUS Solid Waste Management Program, demonstrated composting process to the public

BALIFOKUS has also introduced the existing programs such as SANIMAS, KIPRAH and toxic program which mostly cooperate with both local and national government to assist the communities in providing access and knowledge about the environmental health issues. This waste management exhibition event was very useful on providing overview to the public of certain efforts that have been implemented to support the environment movement at local scope. So also with some advantages that could be obtained from waste treatment, such as solid waste management on plastic waste treatment which could be reprocessed to be ready to use products by way of product crafts.

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