Build Environmental Awareness toward Bali Clean and Green Province Commitment

Since Bali Clean and Green Province announced by the Governor to the local public, the local government has been setting up several main concept of both ‘Green’ and ‘Clean’. There will be a major concern in order to achieve certain sustainable goal regarding to the three local aspects which is will be implemented as a simultaneous programs. ‘Green Culture’, ‘Green Economy’, and ‘Green Environment’ mainly has occurred to be a significant themes and formally delivered on a series of ‘road maps’ and associated to help reach the goal are currently being finished at preparation. The strategies aim at to making Bali clean, healthy and green by targeting three main themes.

One of the programs is to include initiative for Environmental Awareness Program (Program Sadar Lingkungan) which has been carried to the public. Campaigning activities related to this program has been implemented collaboratively among the stakeholders who come from various institutions. The local government is currently very open for inviting the participation after declaring its commitment to ‘go green’. On June 2011, the Medical Faculty of Udayana University conducted the Environmental Awareness event targeted the public audience from many categories included the local youth, children, and other community members. BALIFOKUS has invited on delivering the presentation about Environment and Lifestyle presented by Bayu Susila (BALIFOKUS Director). On this event, BALIFOKUS delivered some points regarding to the specific awareness theme, such as how to create the healthy environment, clean and healthy behavior, organic and non-organic waste management, sanitation for environment, and environmental health movement.

The other similar programs in particular would serve another pillar of Bali’s future development. The one that organized to promote the public awareness would help to overcome the environmental challenges in Bali. As BALIFOKUS presented about the main thing is awareness of every individual to encourage the sensitivity in paying attention on health and environmental issues. Therefore the main subject of consideration to more protecting the environment would be build among the members of community.

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