Appropriate Technologies for Urban Sanitation (DEWATS Conference, Philippines)

Decentralized approach and development of wastewater management associated with sustainable sanitation technologies delivered on DEWATS Conference on May 26 – 28, 2011 in Manila, Philippines. The conference organized by International Water Association (IWA), World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, The Bremen Overseas and Research Development Association (BORDA), and The Asian Development Bank. The conference aimed to promote alternatives and solutions to the increasing sanitation problems (such as DEWATS) as well as to encourage better develop monitoring and management systems to increase interest to the private sector and would engaged the significant impact for sanitation users.

BALIFOKUS had opportunity to deliver presentation “Health Impact Assessment on Sixty Eight Locations DEWATS-CBS Project 2008 in Indonesia” which described on DEWATS-CBS is generally able to improve the sanitation quality to where the one of technology exist among the communities. The DEWATS-CBS projects generated several impacts significantly, such as it is able to decrease a number of the diseases which commonly occur on children under the age of five and decrease the cost of medical treatment caused by the inadequate sanitation systems running among the communities, and it is able to increase the environmental quality. As the organization experience to the implementation of DEWATS system (at local and national scope in Indonesia) indicated that the technology is applicable for accommodating the marginal improvements for water-based sewer system.

Figure: Bayu Susila, BALIFOKUS Director, delivered a presentation with regard to the health impact of DEWATS-CBS 2008 in Indonesia

The conference provided the mutual sharing between people working in different organizations and countries in Asia and promote more effective approaches service delivery in the region. As other opportunity is for delivering to the participants to learn from practitioners and specialists of their experiences of implementing decentralized system. The MDG sanitation target would be the main basis to construct the strategies and developing appropriate mechanisms of DEWATS planning and implementation comprehensively.

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