The Appropriate Technology on Plastic Waste Treatment

The Environmental Agency of Bali Province and Stakeholders Discussed the Assistive Technology to Overcome the Plastic Waste Problem

Environmental Agency of Bali Province invited the stakeholders who work both actively or in a proactive way to the plastic waste management in local area. The various circles included in the meeting held on December 22, 2011 at Environmental Agency office in Denpasar, Bali. The academia, NGOs, the local government agencies (industry and trade agency, local government laboratory, and department of landscaping and sanitation), the private sectors for waste treatment, and the power plant supervisor attended to provide inputs and suggestions on the presentation delivered by Environmental Agency.

The presentation described about a kind of technology that might offer sort of solution to solve plastic waste problem. The application of the technology is to convert plastic waste into fuel. The zero waste concept became the basis of the technology application and a simple experiment has been made in Denpasar area (Kampung Petiles). The experiment of this technology in this area is basically not only trying to make fuel from plastic waste, but also creating other efforts (and technologies) to reduce and manage the wastes in general. The application of simple technologies such as biopori and methane biogas from domestic waste treatments is also try to be socialized in order to effectively be able to overcome the waste problem particularly at the household level.

Figure: The participants watched a video about the application of the alternative technology for plastic waste treatment

The concept of these three technologies was delivered by the representative whose role as a forerunner and promoting the movement in Kampung Petiles. The application the technologies in general will help to reduce and utilize the waste, for example by applying the methane biogas from the organic waste (while later also could be used as compost). It can’t be denied that the technology of plastic waste converter into fuel was still required a series of legally assessments and scientific reviews (in terms of the safety over its usage and effectiveness). Therefore, the Environmental Agency as an initiator of this collaborative meeting where also invited the Kampung Petiles representative to be a key person, involved the participants to later be able to examine in greater deeper specifically on this converter technology. It expected later could be widely applied and developed in order to handle the more massive quantities of plastic waste (especially for the type of plastic waste which is difficult to be recycled).

The positive response and appreciation emerged from the participants in view of the urgency of the need for technology or similar efforts in handling the wastes notably in Bali. In the meeting eventually agreed that a scientific review or study was decisively necessary as well as the legalization of the converter technology when it has passed the scientific test. The Environmental Agency of Bali Province also stated the development of any technology related in addressing the environmental issues should continue to be pursued and supported by all communities, certainly in achieving the goals of Bali Clean and Green program.

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