Enthusiasm of Magic Show in Kampung Kodok, Tabanan Bali

It was a sunny day and everyone in Kampung Kodok (Tabanan) were still with their routines. Down to Tabanan (Bali), Kampung Kodok is one of the villages where there is a Sanimas (Sanitasi Berbasis Masyarakat/Community-Based Sanitation) Program and it has been three years the program is run independently by the community. Sanimas is a one of the programs of BALIFOKUS which aims to encourage and promote community involvement. Sanitation is the main issue for this program which implement decentralized wastewater treatment within DEWATZ technology. Kampung Kodok is considered one of the best locations of Sanimas Program in Bali due to the properly implementation by the community.

On October 2, 2010 Kampung Kodok is visited by a magician from France, Patrick accompanied by his wife, who purposed to apreciate the community by performing of magic show at once to entertain the people. Patrick and his wife is greeted by Mr. Berlian who is a leader of Banjar Tunggal Sari community, Mr. Haji Ruslan who is the group leader of KSM (Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat) Sanimas Indah Lestari as a group of community which run the Sanimas Program, and one of Balifokus staffs, Made Widyarta. The show is located in elementary shool area (SD Islam Banjar Tunggal Sari) where the students, teachers and other members of the community have gathered with enthusiasm to see the show.

Figure 1: Patrick performed one of his magic tricks among the students and other members of Banjar Tunggal Sari community in Kampung Kodok, Tabanan.

At 3 PM the show began with the perfomance opening and Patrick started the show with a various magic tricks. The show took place in the shool yard and filled with the enthusiasm children and the spectators who were watching the show. Patrick showed his conjure skill such as changing the contents of a magazine into an empty sheets with no texts and illustrations in it, then made the texts and illustrations of sheets in black and white colors, and returned it into a colorful magazine contents. He also involved one of the students in helping him for one of his magic tricks and performed many more magic tricks. A dazzling show lasted until 5 pm, Patrick presented amusement show carried the joy to all spectators.

It was such a successful event. At the end of the show, everyone got photo session with Patrick and wife, and continued to invite Patrick to the location of wastewater treatment installation. Putu Kusuma Ririen, Balifokus staff, explained dan described about the one that has already existed among the community and assisted at least 60 householders in wastewater problems in their area. Patrick and wife were very pleased to get information about Sanimas program.

Figure 2: Patrick and wife visited the location of wastewater treatment installation which is located next to the creek in the middle of the village

Furthermore, the community also expected they could get such a visit because it is also one form of positive concern from other person to see the efforts to build community in sanitation sector. As with Patrick who also hoped in the future to present an appreciation especially for other communities who live where the Sanimas program runs among them.

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