Live Earth Concert Almost Canceled

Concert program that focuses attention on the water crisis for the first time in Indonesia was almost canceled because of some parties withdrew sponsorship. nevertheless, the event “Live Earth” still running on schedule on 18 April 2010 as scheduled “Live Earth” all over the world. The event was moved to Pecatu Indah Resort, in Pecatu, Bali, initially this event will be held at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali.

Figure 1 & 2: Artists, Public Officials Bali and Participate in various circles following the Tree Planting and Running as far as 2 km in area Pecatu Graha

The main purpose of the event “Live Earth” really focuses on issues of environmental preservation. The theme “Run for Water” will still be borne, but with a much simpler concept because of limited funds. The event began with welcome remarks, followed by the planting of trees, running along the 2 km and concert music. Music group who attended the event to fill the “Live Earth” Among others, Slank, Navicula, SID, God Bless, Nadine Candrawinata, Nugie, Dwiki Dharmawan and other artists both nationally and locally. This event took place lively, although with many limitations, in the event was held exhibits the results of activities related to environmental conservation, among those following this exhibition, among others, from Sponsors that BNI goGreen and Pecatu Resort, while the part of the NGO that BORDA and BALIFOKUS.

Figure 3 & 4: Visitors to the exhibition, at the location Exhibitions BORDA and BALIFOKUS

Figure 5 & 6: The Artist (SID, Dwiki Dharmawan and Nugie) at the location Exhibitions


In the exhibition, displayed the efforts that have been done for environmental conservation. On this occasion, several artists also visited exhibition so that they broaden their knowledge about environmental conservation. In concert artists convey environmental messages to remain guarded and do not waste water, as well as to the necessary use of water because water becomes increasingly scarce, especially clean water in some regions and countries. This event was first initiated by Al Gore and Kevin Wall in the year 2007, every year they are emphasizing different themes about the environment.

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