IPEN: International POPs Elimination Network

About the International POPs Elimination Network:

The International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN) is a global network of more than 700 public interest non-governmental organizations working together for the elimination of persistent organic pollutants, on an expedited yet socially equitable basis.

This mission includes achieving a world in which all chemicals are produced and used in ways that eliminate significant adverse effects on human health and the environment, and where persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and chemicals of equivalent concern no longer pollute our local and global environments, and no longer contaminate our communities, our food, our bodies, or the bodies of our children and future generations.

In order to advance our mission IPEN Connects, Collaborates, Contributes and Creates Change:

  1. Connects: By bringing together non-governmental and civil society organizations from around the world who share the same vision for a toxic free future and have the common goal of toxics elimination;

  2. Collaborates: By sharing our experience, ideas and expertise to raise awareness of toxic chemical issues and build the capacity to resolve them.

  3. Contributes: By identifying local, national and regional public interest chemical issues and elevating them into the global chemical policy arena via interventions in relevant international forums; and

  4. Creates Change; By putting policy into practice; helping our participating organizations educate and empower their communities to enable the implementation of policies and projects that reduce the chemical load on people and the planet.

Source : http://www.ipen.org/ipenweb/firstlevel/about.html

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