Training for Field Facilitator (TFL) of Community-based Environmental Sanitation (SLBM) in order to

The training that was held in Lombok Raya Hotel, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) conducted by Directorate of Settlement Environmental Recapitalization (PLP) Directorate General of Cipta Karya (Ditjen Cipta Karya) Ministerial of Public Work (PU). The training taken place within 7 days divided into 5 days of training presentation and next 2 days for site visit to project sites of previous implemented SLBM. The speakers of the training came from Directorate of PLP Ditjen Cipta Karya Ministerial of PU, Planning and National Development Agency (BAPPENAS), Ministerial of Internal State (Kemdagri), Task Force PLP of NTB, Cleaning Service Agency of Mataram City, BORDA, BALIFOKUS, AKSANSI and KSM

Instead of the presented material, site visit was also conducted. The participants visited to sanimas program site (wastewater), MCK +++ Teladan, Narmada, West Lombok, 3Rs program (solid waste management) in Mendagi, West Lombok and final dumpsite of Gapuk, West Lombok. Panel discussion started talking about financing mechanism of sanitation 2010 that consist of special allocation budget (DAK) for community-based environmental sanitation (SLBM) 2010, financing from government and city/regency, financing for community empowerment in SLBM, and community group (KSM) experience sharing in management of sanimas. The experience sharing was represented by KSM SANIMAS Tiga Serangkai from East Lombok, Bapak M. Nazri, ST, KSM 3R Agro Utama Lestari, Bapak Subhan, and Association of KSM Sanimas in Indonesia (AKSANSI) NTB, Bapak Saiman Hadi as well. After the panel discussion, continued with drafting and presentation of the next follow-up planning (RTL) in each city/regency. The purpose of the training is the local field facilitators are expected to be able to implement the SLBM program in their area.

Approximately, 180 people from 7 different provinces were participated in the training. Those provinces are of Bali, NTB, NTT, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua. The program started with address by Mr. Ir. Susmono as Development Director of PLP and next followed by Head of Agency of PU Province.

The presented material includes Middle Term Development Plan (RPJM) for sanitation sector 2014, community empowerment, waterborne disease and Health-Clean Life Behavior (PHBS), city-sanitation strategy, community-based sanitation approach, community/location selection method and working simulation, working plan drafting and working simulation, Informed Choice Catalogue/ICC for domestic wastewater management, ICC for solid waste management (3Rs, KIPRAH, etc.), ICC for drainage/environmental management, support for operational and maintenance of the community-based sanitation infrastructures.

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