Socialization of AKSANSI in NTB and Bali Province

AKSANSI (Association of Self-reliance Group of Community-based Sanitation throughout Indonesia) in cooperation with BALIFOKUS is organize the socialization of the AKSANSI activities, and formation of organizational structure in NTB and Bali province.

AKSANSI established in various reasons and for multi-purposes as follow below :

  1. Considering that more than 200 units of wastewater treatment facilities (IPAL) had been built until year 2007

  2. Fund spent on sanitation issues is in enormous amount. In order not in vain, the facilities must have institutions that able to assist SHGs (self-reliance groups), BORDA partners, and the Governments.

  3. In consideration of SANIMAS is implemented for community-based purpose, the operational and maintenance are manage by community as well. Unfortunately, problems and difficulties are still appear in many cases because of lack information and knowledge about sanitation among the communities.

To overcome these problems and difficulties, since year 2007 meetings had been conducted in several times among KSM representatives from Java and Bali, and agreed to unionize KSM Association and SANIMAS Operator throughout Indonesia named AKSANSI

Figure 1: Socialization Activity of AKSANSI in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province

Figure 2: Socialization Activity of AKSANSI in Bali Province

The participants who attended the socialization were KSM that operated at least 1 year, local governments, BAPEDDA (Local Governmental Agency) for instance, and related agencies such as : Public Work agency, Environmental agency, Environmental Hygiene agency, etc. These event was conducted in Bali and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province. In NTB, the event held in Hotel Graha Ayu and Lombok Raya on December 10-11th2009, at the same month in Bali, the event held in BALIFOKUS office on December 15th 2009.

Human resources of the event are Mr. Surur Wahyudi (BORDA NGO) and Mr. Andi Maryono (Head of AKSANSI Bali). Within these event, the fulfillment of community sanitation infrastructure will be completely realized, and easier to access for better and sustainability approach, especially for community who lives in dense urban settlements.

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