Vice Governor of Bali Supporting AKSANSI Bali and BALIFOKUS For SANIMAS Award 2009

Last September 8, 2009, BALIFOKUS team conducted a courtesy visit to Vice Governor of Bali, A. A. Puspayoga, a former Mayor of Denpasar. BALIFOKUS team consisted of Yuyun Ismawati, Dewa Alit Setiarsa and Made Widyarta and AKSANSI Bali, Andi Maryono.

The courtesy visit conducted at the Governor Complex, in Renon. During this dialog BALIFOKUS and the Vice Governor talked about water supply and sanitation issues in Bali as well as specificly Denpasar City and how its relate to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals targets 2015.

From left to right: Made Widyarta (Senior Facilitator Bali), Yuyun Ismawati (Director BALIFOKUS), A.A. Puspayoga (Vice Governor of Bali), Andi Maryono (AKSANSI Bali) and Dewa Alit Setiarsa (Program Manager BALIFOKUS

Denpasar City needs at least IDR 5 billions to accomplish the sanitation problems in its urban slums. Meanwhile the increase access for water supply and sanitation in other regencies of Bali, will require various approaches and financing from many resources. The Vice Governor welcomes inputs and recommendations fromBALIFOKUS.

The meeting also talked about SANIMAS Award or Anugrah Karya SANIMAS which had already conducted since 2008 which aimed to give appreciations and incentives for community groups which consistently maintain and ensure the sustainability of the sanitation facilities and services within SANIMAS. The activity implemented by AKSANSI Bali together with BALIFOKUS in cooperation with Government of Bali and several local governments participants.

Winner of Anugrah Karya SANIMAS Bali 2009 are as follow:

  • The First winner is CBO Segina Asri from Banjar Pekandelan, Subdistrict Pemecutan Kelod, District West Denpasar, Denpasar City,

  • The Second winner is CBO Indah Lestari from Kampung Kodok, Subdistrict Delod Peken, DisctrictTabanan, Tabanan Regency,

  • The Third winner – KSM Tegal Mawar Bersemi from Banjar Tegal Mawar, Subdistrict Banjar Bali, DistrictBuleleng, Buleleng Regency, and

  • The Fourth winner – KSM Bunga Indah Lestari from Banjar Kelod Kauh, Subdistrict Abianbase, DistrictGianyar, Gianyar Regency.

The award ceremony will take place in October by The Governor in conjunction with the commemoration day on MDGs achievement.

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