Sumbawa Massage Oil and SANIMAS West Nusa Tenggara 2009

Sumbawa massage oil is quite famous among the massagers for relaxing and fixing the muscles. The ingredients of Sumbawa oil consist of natural ingredients from Sumbawa forestsand have been widely recognised. What is the correlation between Sumbawa oil andSanitation?

As part of community empowerment program in SANIMAS for Community-based Organizations (CBOs) participants in West Nusa Tenggara implementaion year 2009, BALIFOKUS conducted training for 2.5 days on Project Management and Financial Reporting. The training was participated by 3 SANIMAS CBOs, 3 field facilitators, 3 local government facilitators and 1 person from West Nusa Tenggara Special Task Force of Environmental Sanitation West Nusa Tenggara from Public Works Department (Satker PK-PPLP NTB).

The training was conducted by BALIFOKUS in cooperation with Satker PK-PPLP NTB, took place at Handika Hotel Mataram in last August 18-20, 2009. Several topics of training covered management issue and community organizing as well as financial management and reporting mechanism in SANIMAS implementation.

The training was well attended, understood and accepted by the participants. Evaluation showed that all topics, be it the theory or the practices, showed that90% can be absorbed by the participants. The training attended by by SANIMAS CBOs from 3 regencies, they were SANIMAS CBO Nurul Iman from WestLombok Regency, CBO Brang Loka from West Sumbawa Regency and CBOGaninggara from Sumbawa Regency.

One of the participants was the special person Bapak A. Gani D.S. He was trusted by his folks to become the head of CBO Ganinggara, Sumbawa Regency. Beside actively involved in his community, Bapak Gani also well-known as a witch doctor. During the training breaks he talked alot about the process of making the Sumbawa oil and its advantages for the body.

“Sumbawa massage oil making process done through a ritual procession using different ingredients from plant roots which was secretly passed on from one generation to the next generation,” said Bapak A. Gani D.S. The Sumbawa oil is very usefull for body aching, increase your stamina and vitality for men and women and can be used to cure diseases as well.

After the training Bapak Gani gave us a handy packaging of Sumbawa oil. Before we try to use it at home, we did not confident about the advantages of this oil. But after we tried and applied it to our families, friends, and neighbours, most of them gave positive remarks. The day after, many of them came back to us asking to buy the Sumbawa oil. The good news about this oil spread quickly, and we were even busier acting like witch doctor in our kampong.

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