SANIMAS Award 2009 In Denpasar City, Bali Province

To motivate community organizations whose managing SANIMAS, Karya Anugrah SANIMAS or SANIMAS Award in Bali have been introduced since 2008. SANIMAS Award conducted by AKSANSI (Asosiasi KSM SANIMAS Seluruh Indonesia) in cooperation with BALIFOKUS, provincial government and local governments. This activity intended to give appreciations, motivations and supports to community organizations who has managed SANIMAS facilites for more than one year. The CBOs performance in maintaining the sustainability of the system measured through institutional aspect, technical aspect and financial aspect.

In last year’s competition, due to limited numbers of participant’s locations, SANIMAS Award 2008 in Denpasar only conducted at Bali Provincial level. This year Karya Anugrah SANIMAS conducted at Denpasar City level as well as at Bali Province level. The 1st and 2nd winners of Denpasar City will participate at the competition in Provincial level.

Anugrah Karya SANIMAS 2009 for Denpasar City had been conducted in last 2-3 July 2009. Anugrah Karya SANIMAS Denpasar City 2009 participated by 4 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), they are CBO SANIMAS Pucuk Sari from Ubung Sub-district, CBO SANIMAS Kusuma Bangsa from Pemecutan Kaja Village, CBO SANIMAS Segina Asri from Pemecutan Kelod Village and CBO SANIMAS Bhuana Asri from Tegal Kertha village.

SANIMAS Award valued teh sustainability from of the system from institutional aspect, financial aspect and technical aspect. In each aspect evaluation, there were several questions related to issues concerning operational and maintenance of the infrastructures, how the users maintain the system and infrastructures. Every questions and answers options in each aspect reflect different conditions and scores.

The evaluation team consisted of Satker PLP PU Bali Province, BALIFOKUS and AKSANSI. Satker PLP PUBali Province represented by Bapak Gede Surya, BALIFOKUS represented by Yudi Arsana and Made Widyarta, while from AKSANSI represented by Bapak Andi Maryono.

The result suggested that KSM Segina Asri from Pemecutan Kelod Village selected as the 1st winner, KSM Bhuana Asri from Tegal Kertha Village as the 2nd winner and KSM Kusuma Bangsa from Pemecutan KajaVillage as the 3rd winner. The Mayor of Denpasar provide Rp.5 millions for the winners. The award ceremony will be conducted in September 2009.

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