Sharpening The Technical Team’s Saw: Training For Design Engineers And Supervisors

Last April, BALIFOKUS’ technical team went to Jogjakarta, participated in a training conducted by BORDA partner network dedicated for Design Engineers and Supervisors. Desak Nyoman Restuwidyati, Gede Ardhi and Made ‘Gori’ Sastrawan which are assigned as Design Engineers participated in the training workshop on the 20-22 April 2009. While Chris and Made Dwi joined the Supervisors’ training on the next days, April 23-25, 2009.

The training intended to evaluate and improve the competency of the technical human resources of the partners. As most of our intervention in the fields have strong technical components, we must continously improve our internal human resources as well as our thrid party-partners such as local masons and asisstant supervisors.

Within this framework, the competencies of our technical team are improved. Engineering and infrastructures need to be fit and used by the users or beneficiaries so it can fullfill its appropriateness. Constructing a wastewater treatment plant should not be count as an easy going project. Due to its hazard to health, soil and groundwater, wastewater need to be handled properly, construction quality need to be maintain according to the standard required. It is necessary that since the design stage until operation and maintenance, all related human resources already have acquired that vision. So our missions to improve the quality of life of the people and maintain environmental sustainability can be achieved.

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