VIP Ladies Addressed SANIMAS as Sanitation Solution for the Poor

“SANIMAS proven to be one of the most appropriate sanitation solution for the urban poors to achieve a better quality of life,”said Ibu Nila Muluk last 6 May 2009 in front of 200 invitees. “The solution is here, managed by the community to serve its community members and for community advantages. “

SANIMAS cluster in Bermi, East Lombok Regency inaugurated by Dharma Wanita Pusat represented by Ibu dr.Nita Muluk wife of Prof. Dr. Muluk former Ministry of Health as the head of Dharma Wanita Pusat and Mrs. Kuntoro wife of Mr. Kuntoro, former Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources.

The venue took place on the top of DEWATS plant of the Community Sanitation Center/MCK Plus++. The project itself located at Lingkungan Bermi, Sub-District Pancor, Selong District, about 1,5 km from the center of Selong, the capital city of East Lombok Regency.

The inauguration was well attended by high rank officials from Jakarta such as Bapak Susmono, the Director of Environmental Health Development Directorate of Min.of Public Works and Surur Wahyudi from BORDA. About 75 participants and resource persons of SANIMAS Field Facilitators Training from eastern Indonesia also attended this high profile inauguration.

The SANIMAS 2008 in Bermi, East Lombok Regency was one of the good example of synergy between central government,Local Government of East Lombok, NGOs and community.

The fund allocated to complete the project’s infrastructure, approximately IDR 584,943,000 or approximately US$ 58,500, was allocated from local gorvernment budget approximately 34.2% (IDR 200 millions) in form of cash channeling through community account; central government contribution, about 17.1% (IDR 100 millions) in form of in-kind materials; BORDAcontribution, about 8.5% (IDR 50 millions), in form of facilitation through BALIFOKUS, and community contribution in form of cash and in-kind about 40.2% (IDR 234.9 millions) of the total costs. With the number of beneficiaries about 255 families or approximately 800 populations, the investment cost per capita is approximately IDR 345,000 or about US$ 34,5.

The Community-Based Organization in charge is Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat (KSM) Tiga Serangkai. Most of the populations are labours, small scale traders, public servants, street hawkers which has family income about IDR 750,000 or approximately US$ 75 per month. Beneficiaries agreed to pay IDR 5,000 per family per month to use the facilities. Some who are not permanent residents will be charged IDR 500-1,000 per use. We hope that by addressing this important sanitation investment in Bermi, the people’s quality of life improvement especially the future generation can be achieved.

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