AKSANSI Bali: Most Important Partners for SANIMAS Sustainability

AKSANSI is a shorthen of Asosiasi KSM SANIMAS Seluruh Indonesia or Indonesia Association of SANIMAS Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). CBO or Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat (KSM) SANIMAS is the community organization which formed by beneficiaries to maintain the AKSANSI was formed in November 23, 2006 in Jogjakarta facilitated by BORDA and its partner network. The first task after their establishment was to assign a small committe group to draft rules and regulations of AKSANSI. The committee consisted of 6 SANIMAS CBOs leaders represented CBOs in Java and Bali regions. The main objectives of AKSANSI is to promote acceleration of the provision of access to sustainable sanitation for urban poors.

AKSANSI sees their role as the partner of BORDA partners network and other stakeholders to develop SANIMAS further more and to provide asistance for SANIMAS CBOs so they can utilised the sanitation infrastructures in sustainable manner.

In Bali Province, until 2009, there are 11 SANIMAS CBOs distributed in Denpasar City (5CBOs), Gianyar Regency (1 CBO), Tabanan Regency (3 CBOs), and in Buleleng Regency (2 CBOs). In Total there are 11 SANIMAS clusters functioning and benefitted 1,500 families in urban densely populated areas or approximately served 7,500 poor populations or approximately 1,7% of the poor in Bali. More urban poor people still have no access to proper sanitation facilities.

There for, AKSANSI Bali committed to improve their communications and support especially for CBOs which are not functioning well. AKSANSI Bali then agree to appoint 3 or their members to become the AKSANSI Bali committe which will work further to start up a communication platform and mechanism among the SANIMAS CBOs, conduct SANIMAS Award at Denpasar City level and SANIMAS Award at Bali Province level this year. The Award intention is to provide supports, motivations and recognitions to SANIMAS CBOs who has already in operation more than one year.

The AKSANSI Bali committe members are Bapak Andi Maryono from KSM SANIMAS Segina Asri as Coordinator, Bapak Huda from KSM SANIMAS Pucuk Sari as Secretary and Bapak Jelantik from KSM SANIMAS Kusuma Bangsa as treasurer. The committee members will start their program with SANIMAS Award Denpasar City in June 2009 then continue with SANIMAS Award Bali Province in August 2009. SANIMAS Award evaluation criteria will be based on technical issue on operation and maintenance, institutional issues (CBO organization’s structure and activities) and on financial issues. By evaluating these components through SANIMAS Award, we hope that the sustainability framework of SANIMAS could be fostered.

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