DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System) for SME

DEWATS application is based on low cost of operation and maintenance. DEWATS is applied in small and medium scale industries with high organics concentration (tofu industry, cow farm, pig farm, slaughter houses, etc).

DEWATS Advantages

  1. A treatment for domestic and industrial waste with low cost of operation and maintenance

  2. National Standard of WWTP Effluent is fulfilled

  3. 90% of contaminant removal

  4. Able to treat wastewater up to 1000 m3/day

  5. Tolerant to inflow and loading fluctuation

  6. Low maintenance and long interval of desludging

  7. Low operation cost

  8. Efficient

DEWATS Modules and Technology

  1. Bio-Digester (to treat high organics concentration wastewater, energy source to produce biogas for lighting and cooking)

  2. Septic Tank (system with two simple compartments, sludge stabilizing)

  3. Anaerobic Baffle Reactor (wastewater flows through activated sludge and contaminants are removed by contact with microorganism, BOD/COD removal to 90%, integrated sedimentation to avoid solid particles get into baffles)

  4. Anaerobic Filter (wastewater flows to layer of filter media and reach 90% of contaminant removal, no space consuming due to underground construction)

  5. Horizontal Sand Filter (aerobic treatment for pre-treated wastewater, able to remove phosphate to 80%, reduce pathogen bacteria effectively)

  6. Aerobic Pond (advance treatment to reduce organic loading and increase oxygen supply, easy in construction)

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