DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System) for CBS (Community Based Sanitation)

CBS work frame is to improve sanitation condition in densely populated area. The success of sanitation project in present and future time is depend on active participation of community and local government to make CBS into suitable sanitation program where individual system and centralized sewerage system can no longer provide stakeholders needs on community sanitation.

Main Principles of CBS

1. Demand Responsive Approach 2. Participatory Plan 3. Main Infrastructure Finance 4. Informed Catalogue Choice 5. Professional Design and Labour 6. Operation and Maintenance 7. Desirable CBS System 8. Communal System WWTP 9. MCK plus

CBS Advantages

1. Community financial condition improvement 2. Protection of community health 3. Clean water source conservation 4. Time efficiency 5. Sustainability 6. Cost efficiency 7. Training and community empowerment 8. Replication

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