CSR Seminar: Corporate Social Responsibility: A Public Relations Gimmick or Strategic Giving

Is that true Corporate Social Responsibility just a public relation gimmick? Or strategic giving that can be benefited?

Business would embrace responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. Furthermore, business would proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere, regardless of legality. Essentially, CSR is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, and the honoring of a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

One day seminar “CSR: A Public Relations Gimmick or Strategy Giving” will be important reference and basic guide on how to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility programs as a part of sustainable business model.

What You Can Expect The main objective of the seminar is to provide participants with information on corporate social responsibility, why it is important and how to ensure or implement it in the company. It is important that participants and stakeholders of the business are aware of their possibilities to introduce and provide sustainable development in their enterprises as well as certify corporate and social responsibility systems.

This seminar program providing knowledge and insights essential to Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Understand the effects of strategic corporate social responsibility.

Drive corporate social responsibility throughout the organization, integrating it with corporate strategy, decision making, and risk assessment.

  1. Identify and explore the most critical emerging issues facing the field of corporate social responsibility.

Who Is Right for the Seminar

  1. Senior executives in charge of socially responsible corporate programs

Public Relations, public affairs, or community affairs of the businesses.

  1. Government and NGO developing Corporate Social Responsibility


  1. M. Gunawan Alif. PhD in Marketing Management with Cause-Related Marketing as research subject. Over two decades experience in the media and marketing communications industry. He is a lecturer at Post-graduate School of Management University of Indonesia and Master of Management Binus Business School for Brand Management and Integrated Marketing Communications.

  2. Yuyun Ismawati, Co-founder and Director of BALIFOKUS Foundation. Hold Bachelor degree from Environmental Engineering Department of Bandung Institute of Technology. Since 1996 worked closely with the tourism industry in Bali towards sustainable tourism. Started from proper waste management issue, to eco-hotel rating system as a tool towards environmental management certification system.

Moderator Ayip, strategic planner Matamera Communications Bali.

Language Indonesia

Time, Date & Venue Seminar “CSR: A Public Relations Gimmick or Strategy Giving” will held on Monday, 30 March 2009, starting 10 am to 3.30 pm at Ballroom Hotel Puri Ayu, Jalan Sudirman Denpasar

Participants Limited seats available. Only for 50 participants.

Registration Registration Fee Rp 150.000,- including coffee break and lunch. Registration contact: Teddy 08123666645 or Vera 08170660627

Organizers BaliFokus in collaboration with Bali Creative Community

Speakers Biography

M. GUNAWAN ALIF Jakarta, Indonesia.


Civil Engineer, majoring on transportation engineering, Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia, 1984. PhD, Marketing Management, Post Graduate School of Management, University of Indonesia, 2006.

Area of Experties M. Gunawan Alif general area of expertise lies in marketing, marketing communications, and media. He is former President Director of PT Duta Cakrawala Komunika, a consultancy firm for media and marketing communications. He is also editor-in-chief of cakram, the first and the most sought after marketing communications magazine in Indonesia. Before developed PT Duta Cakrawala, he was Head of Team Operational III in Matari Advertising, the top five ad agencies in Indonesia.

Actively involved in the industry, he has worked on a host of different types of marketing communications projects. He has served as brand communication specialist to marketers for some of successful brands in Indonesia, including Frisian Flag, Jayaboard, Djarum clove cigarettes (in change management communications), Indocement, Indofood, Citra Tubindo, Graha Rekso, Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa and Kebumen Regency. Additional media consulting activities with other top media such as Media Indonesia, Suara Pembaruan, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Trobos, Suara Surabaya and Metro TV (Reklame program).

His professional activities also include part timer lecturing of media and marketing communications at the University of Indonesia, Trisakti International Business School, Binus Business School and a few other universities in Bandung and Yogyakarta. He is also a resource person for media, advertising, public relations, in marketing matters for some print media, radio and television stations, and also as a speaker about those topics in seminars and workshops.

He is a country representative for Clio Awards and The New York Festivals.

Research & Lecturing Interest Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Behavior, Value & Relationship Marketing, Content & Contact, Media Perspective & Media Management.

He is a lecturer at Post-graduate School of Management University of Indonesia and Master of Management Binus Business School for Brand Management and Integrated Marketing Communications.

Background During his student years, he was active in environmental movements in Indonesia as a member of Group of Ten on Environment; participated as a young explorer in Operation Drake, an international scientific expedition in Central Sulawesi (1980), and was a co-founder of the Indonesia Environmental Forum (WALHI). He has served as WALHI board member from 1983-89. In 1987 he was a Director of Operations of an international scientific expedition – Operationa Raleigh in Seram Island. A year later, he was invited by US Ambassador Paul Wolfowitz to participate an one month long International Visitor Program in America to discuss and brainstorm on environmental issues and movements in the US and Indonesia. He also has been invited to other environmental congresses in the US, India, and Japan. After finishing his term as WALHI board member he moved to the advertising business and joined Matari Advertising, one of the top three-ad agency in Indonesia. He assisted the founder and Chairman of Matari in developing and executing several business and social marketing projects. Among others, Corporate Campaign for PT Indocement, Clean the Ciliwung River, Trade Tourism & Investment campaigns in US and West Europe, Care on Recycling, Government Communications of the Kebumen and Tanah Datar Regency, and many more. In this period he followed a series of international training like InterAd Workshop (American Graduate School of International Management), Strategic Marketing for Private Organizations (Prof. Alan Andreasen, University of Connecticut), Marketing Strategies for Dominating Global Market (Prof. Douglas Lamont, Kellog Graduate School of Management), Managing Customer Relations (Prof. Jon Anton, Purdue University) and a workshop for media management Folio: Show (New York), and e-learning on Cluster and Competition (Prof. Michael Porter, Harvard University/ University of Indonesia). He was actively participated in Asian Advertising Congress (AdAsia) in Bali (1995), Manila (1997), Pattaya (1999), Taipei (2001), Jaipur, India (2003), Jeju, South Korea (2007) and Asia Pacific Media Forum, Bali (2006), also in creative ad festivals like Cannes Lions (2003), Clio Awards, Miami (2004), The New York Festivals (2004), Asia Pacific AdFest, Pattaya (2006-08) and Asian Advertising Awards, Bali (2006). He was the coordinator of the preliminary judging contest and member of the judges for the New York Festivals (2003). For the last four years, he is a member of the Judges committee for the Indonesia Public Relations Association (Perhumas) Award, the Government PR Association, Bakohumas Award (2006-08), and the Unicef Children Writing Contest (2005-08).

Publications & Conferences M. Gunawan Alif’s media and marketing communications thoughts has been published in cakram magazine, Bisnis Indonesia, The Jakarta Post dailies, Media Scene, Advertising & Media Directory and Jurnal Manajemen Pemasaran Indonesia. He was co-author of the branding book Madison Avenue, Membangun + Menciptakan Merek Global (2005) and Pemuka Pasar Indonesia, Strategi Komunikasi Empat Merek Lokal (2006). He wrote a chapter regarding advertising and media in Komunikasi Manusia, Manusia Komunikasi (Gramedia, 2008). He is an active participant in several seminars in Advertising and marketing in this region, including as a session chair at annual FEUI Graduate School of Marketing Conference (2007), speakers at Asia-Pacific iMedia Agency Summit in Bali (2008), and invited research presenter at International Corporate Responsibility Conference (organized by Carnegie Mellon University) in Doha, Qatar (2008).

YUYUN ISMAWATI Bali, Indonesia

Yuyun Ismawati is Co-founder and Director of BALIFOKUS Foundation. She hold bachelor degree from Environmental Engineering Department of Bandung Institute of Technology 1989. She is LEAD Indonesia Fellow Cohort-8 and Ashoka Fellow.

Since 1996 Yuyun has concerned and working on waste issues. She worked closely with the tourism industry in Bali towards sustainable tourism. Started from proper waste management issue, to eco-hotel rating system as a tool towards environmental management certification system. Her involvement wih tourism industry continue until now and the climate change issues.

Since 2003 she joined GAIA (Global Alliance on Incinerator Alternatives/Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance/www.noburn.org), a global network with 500 members from 81 countries. She is the Focal Point of GAIA in Indonesia.

In September 2008, Yuyun together with other 9 Indonesian NGOs established Indonesia Toxics-Free Network (ITFN), where she was appointed by her colleagues as the Coordinator. The network aimed at more wide issues of wastes refer to as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) within the Stockholm Convention, toxics waste transboundary movements within the Basel Convention, mercury issues, medical wastes issues and its correlation with consumer right and environmental health.

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