2020 - Lead Paint Reformulation Technical Guidelines


April 2019 - EIA, CIEL, BAN, IPEN

Norwegian Proposal for Plastic Waste Amendment

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Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining hotspots location in Indonesia Lokasi Pertambangan Emas Skala Kecil di Indonesia



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  • IPEN Guidance on the Identification, Management and Remediation of Mercury-Contaminated Sites - English

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  • Ardiana Ekawanti, Baiq Dewi Krisnayanti. (2015). Effect of Mercury Exposure on Renal Function and Hematological Parameters among Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Miners at Sekotong, West Lombok, Indonesia - English 



  • IPEN Preliminary Guide To The New Mercury Treaty


  • IPEN Updated and Final Guide To The New Mercury Treaty

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  • Minamata Convention on Mercury


  • National Action Plan for the Elimination of Mercury in ASGM 2014-2018



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